Knowledge | 2022-04-07

Spring ultrasonic cleaning machine


I believe that everyone is no stranger to spring. Although its size is small, it has a great role. It can be seen everywhere in our lives. Spring will attach oil, dust, dirt, binder, etc. in production or use. Therefore, it is essential to clean the spring. Only clean springs can better play their role. Enterprises in the past used blowing sand or gasoline to clean springs. These ways now have been difficult to meet the highlights of the industry Requirement of cleanliness. So most customers are using a spring ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean.

Spring ultrasonic cleaning machine has a good cleaning effect on a complicated spring. It does not cause damage to the surface. Based on the cleaning industry with ultrasonic cleaning machine spray, bubble, degassing, hot immersion, drying, and other cleaning industries. This cleaning speed is faster and cleaning is higher. It greatly reduces employee labor intensity and reduces cleaning costs.

Spring ultrasonic cleaning machine can not only be used not only for cleaning stains such as spring parts. It also applies to components of compressors, automobiles, oil production machines, motorcycles, CNC equipment, and other industries. It can clean oil, dust, and rust in the machining process. The uniqueness of the spring ultrasonic cleaning machine has been confirmed by many spring manufacturers around the world. Spring ultrasonic cleaning machine has been trusted by the majority of spring manufacturers. Blue whale specializes in producing ultrasound cleaning equipment. We can provide different types of ultrasonic cleaning machines to meet the cleaning needs of different industries. We welcome customers who have cleaning troubles to contact us.

Spring ultrasonic cleaning machine