Knowledge | 2022-07-12

Maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware parts


Maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware parts:

1. It is strictly forbidden to splash conductive liquid (such as water) from the air inlet of the top of the ultrasonic control cabinet. Otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the circuit system of the washing machine.

2. Keep the machine clean and turn off the power when not in use.

Avoid collisions or violent vibrations to the machine.

4. Stay away from heat.

5. Machines should be kept away from damp conditions.

6. The continuous working time of the machine shall not exceed 4 hours. If the continuous working time is too long, the ultrasonic adjusting knob shall be rotated to the position of stop; and the cooling fan shall be allowed to continue working, continuous cooling for at least 2 minutes in the ultrasonic control cabinet when the ultrasonic cleaning is not started.

Seven. After a long time running the washing machine, the should first power knob to zero before the shutdown, and use its fan to work again after 3-6 minutes of shut down to ensure the internal heat of the power supply.

8. The cleaning solution should be precipitated, filtered, or replaced in time to ensure the cleaning effect.

To make the system cleaning machine long-term normal work, in addition, to avoid a non-standard operation, but also regular cleaning machine maintenance and maintenance, do the following work:

Clean the contaminated cleaning fluid of the oil storage tank regularly.

2 regularly let the oil pump run once, each time at least 10 mins or more.

3 after the use of washing machine cover with a cover, dust and moisture-proof work.

Daily maintenance-after each operation

1. Rinse hoses and strainers connected to the detergent to remove any detergent residue to help prevent corrosion.

Turn off the water supply to the high-pressure washer.

3. By pulling the trigger on the servo lance, all the pressure in the hose can be released.

4. Remove rubber hose and high-pressure hose from the high-pressure cleaner.

5. Cut the spark plug connection wire to ensure that the engine will not start (for engine type).

Maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware parts