Knowledge | 2022-03-24

How to use laboratory ultrasonic cleaner? How to extract, emulsify?


The ultrasonic cleaning equipment generally refers to an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Our common ultrasonic cleaning machine is used in hospitals, creatures, factories, etc., of course, in the family. They are very useful for cleaning glasses or watches. But many people do not know how to use ultrasonic cleaning machines. Take the whale cleen series ultrasonic cleaning machine as an example. It has a low noise, which is also durable. Below let's introduce the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines:

(1) Please refer to the manual of the ultrasonic cleaning machine to connect the power.

(2) In the cleaning tank, an appropriate amount of water is added, and the height of the liquid level is subject to the immersion site being cleaned. It is generally not more than three-quarters of the cleaning tank.

(3) Start the heating switch. The white scale line on the water temperature regulation knob is adjusted to a suitable temperature (should be around 60 ° C). The maximum temperature should not exceed 70 ° C when the cleaning machine is in the process of use.

(4) When the water temperature rises to about 40 ° C, the cleaning parts should be added to the cleaning tank.

How to extract, emulsify?

The principle of extraction separation of various components is mainly derived from ultrasonic cavitation and mechanical effects of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cavitation, the rupture of micro-bubbles produces great pressure. It can instantly complete the crack of the cell wall and shorten the broken time. At the same time, the vibration of ultrasonic waves releases material ultrasonic waves. The auxiliary extraction technique has the advantages of high extraction efficiency, short extraction time, low power consumption compared to existing extraction methods. Emulsification is a process of dispersing a liquid in a very small state in which a liquid is dispersed in another liquid that is incompatible with each other. Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine emulsification is an escapable effect using ultrasound, and shear macromolecules achieve its homogeneous effect. In addition, the effect of ultrasonic waves can also increase some of the substance of water dissolved in water. Thereby dispersion evenly or dissolved in water.


1. The power supply and electric heater of the ultrasonic cleaning machine must have a good grounding device;

2. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is prohibited from opening without detergent. That is, if there is not a certain amount of detergent in the cleaning tank, the ultrasonic cleaning machine cannot be opened;

3. When there is no liquid in the cleaning device of the heating device, it is forbidden to open the heating switch;

4. It is strictly forbidden to clean the bottom of the cleaning tank with heavy objects to avoid damaging the inverter chip.

How to use laboratory ultrasonic cleaner? How to extract, emulsify?