Knowledge | 2022-03-25

Can ultrasonic cleaning machines use kerosene?


Generally, an ordinary ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly prohibited to use a flammable and explosive cleaning agent. Therefore, it is very dangerous thing to use kerosene as an ultrasonic cleaning machine. The kerosene belongs to the B flammable product. The flashpoint temperature is 43-72 ° C. It has a high degree of atomization. And there will be a lot of volatilization. When the steam is formed in an explosive mixture with the air. It meets high heat, and the open flame can cause combustion and explosion.

If you use kerosene in the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the volatile combustible gas and ultrasonic cleaning machine electrical control unit may be in contact. Thereby there will be the possibility of combustion and explosion. Therefore, the ordinary ultrasonic cleaning machine is not recommended to clean with kerosene.

If you want to use kerosene as the cleaning medium, you can choose an explosion-proof ultrasonic cleaning machine. The effect of explosion-proof is achieved by sealing the electrical control unit of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. In addition, the refrigeration device is mounted in the inner groove in the ultrasonic cleaning machine. This reduces the temperature of kerosene. Keep its temperature is constant or small range fluctuations to improve safety performance.

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Can ultrasonic cleaning machines use kerosene?