Knowledge | 2022-05-18

How to use an ultrasonic water bath? Three minutes to teach you how to use an ultrasonic water bath.


How to use an ultrasonic water bath? Although the ultrasonic water bath is already relatively common cleaning equipment in the industry. There are still many manufacturers who have not contacted the ultrasonic water bath before and do not know how to use it after purchasing it.  We will briefly introduce the use of ultrasonic water baths for standard models.

Ultrasonic water baths can generally be divided into built-in generators and external generators. The built-in generator ultrasonic water bath only needs to be plugged in and can be used. The external generator ultrasonic water bath needs to connect the generator to the cleaning tank cable. , The live wire, neutral wire, and ground wire need to be in one-to-one correspondence when wiring. For safety, the normal connection of the ground wire must be ensured. It is recommended to ask a professional electrician to operate the power connection. The power supply needs to meet the current and voltage requirements of the machine. For details, please refer to the technical parameter table. Since the bottom of the ultrasonic water bath is installed with a circuit, it cannot be placed in a humid place. In addition, the ultrasonic water bath needs to dissipate heat when it is working, and a certain space distance needs to be guaranteed on the front, back, left, and right sides. The external generator should not be placed in a place with high temperature, high humidity, and no ventilation.

How to use an ultrasonic water bath? Although the appearance of various ultrasonic water baths on the market is different, their functions are similar. Please refer to the following steps for inferences.

1. Pour in the cleaning liquid (water plus a certain proportion of cleaning agent), the cleaning liquid should exceed two-thirds of the cleaning tank.

2. According to the requirements of the cleaning process, first turn on the heating function to let the temperature of the cleaning solution reach the required temperature, and start the machine directly without heating.

3. Put the workpiece to be cleaned into the cleaning tank. Remember not to let the cleaning liquid overflow. To achieve a better cleaning effect, it is best to place the workpiece in a staggered manner to ensure that the workpiece is fully exposed to the cleaning liquid.

4. Add a certain amount of cleaning agent according to the proportion, and press the ultrasonic start button to start the cleaning operation. Equipment with a filter cycle can consider whether to open the filter cycle according to the dirt to be cleaned.

5. Ultrasonic water baths generally have adjustment buttons for power, time, temperature, etc. Since each person needs to clean the workpiece and the degree of dirt is different, there is no standard for the relevant parameters, which can be determined according to the number of workpieces to be cleaned and the degree of dirt. Make adjustments.

6. In the last step, when the cleaning work is completed, remember to turn off the power and clean the inner tank.

How to use an ultrasonic water bath? Three minutes to teach you how to use an ultrasonic water bath.