Knowledge | 2022-06-30

Blue whale discusses the main points that the ultrasonic cleaning machine needs to pay attention to


Recently, we invited professional people to talk in detail about matters that should be noted about ultrasonic cleaning machines, because many customers have bought our products, and do not know how to repair the ultrasonic, as well as the protection of ultrasonic cleaning machine, so please professionals to explain.

To the ultrasonic cleaning machine, attention matters are divided into four points for everyone to say in detail.

First, how to choose, we have to choose according to the material of our workpiece, characteristics, size, and product, and we use it for the end-user, the most important thing is to avoid some unsuitable for the use of ultrasound. The choice of detergent is equally important, the best choice of water-based detergent process machine to clean. Choose the cleaning process and drying process, according to their own experience or the experience of peer use, combined with the improvement of the supplier's process options. Cost and life-cycle use cost accounting should also take into account, life-cycle use cost accounting should focus on including power consumption, water consumption, material consumption, maintenance costs, and cost considerations are also very important. In short, choose to buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine to take into account many aspects.

Secondly, for ultrasonic maintenance, check the plug connection with the Ultrasonic transducer with a Megohm meter. Check the value of insulation resistance in time. Insulation is generally required. The resistance can not be more than 30 Megohm. If the value of the insulation resistance is not reached, the Ultrasonic transducer is usually damp, place the Ultrasonic transducer in the oven at 100 â ° C for 3 hours or use a hair dryer to dry until the resistance is normal.

When the frequency is high, the corresponding wavelength will be shorter, so the wavelength can be compared with the size of the sample material, even though the wavelength can be much smaller than the size of the sample material; In very small thickness and size measurement applications, it is very important in high-resolution flaw detection applications; it is quiet to use and its voice can not be heard.

Fourth, we should pay attention when purchasing, we need to know the products can be used to clean their production; through the cleaning needs to achieve what kind of cleanliness; product cleaning output will achieve how much; Find out the cleaning process for your product, ask other ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers, select some professional manufacturers to compare the cleaning process and The Adjuster protection; After the equipment is installed in your company, you must train your employees to make sure that they learn how to use it.

Blue whale discusses the main points that the ultrasonic cleaning machine needs to pay attention to