Knowledge | 2022-09-05

Application of ultrasonic cleaning in the pretreatment of electroplating


In the process of electroplating, sometimes the quality of the electroplating coating is not good. One of the factors that affect the quality of electroplating coating is that the cleaning before plating is not thorough enough. Whether it is decorative plating or functional plating, we will pursue higher plating quality, so it is particularly important to clean before plating, then how to improve the quality of pre-cleaning it? Small series to recommend ultrasonic cleaning process. The ultrasonic cleaning process is added to the conventional electroplating pretreatment process, and ultrasonic cavitation is used to clean the workpiece, especially the workpiece with complex shape and structure or holes, it can not only shorten the cleaning time but also improve the cleaning quality.

Electroplating is an important part of industrial production, before electroplating, cleaning by ultrasonic cleaning technology has become a new typical process. The traditional process before electroplating treatment uses an acid solution to clean the workpieces, which causes serious environmental pollution and a poor working environment, and the biggest disadvantage is that the complicated workpieces are pickled and de-rusted, and it is difficult to rinse out the residual acid. The application of ultrasonic cleaning technology to electro-plating, after pre-treatment, can not only make the surface of the workpiece and the cracks in the dirt, rapid exfoliation but also can carry on the thorough cleaning of the residual acid on the workpiece, thus, the plating layer is firm and will not rust back, thus improving the finished product rate and reducing the chance of scrap or rework. Ultrasonic cleaning before electroplating cleaning, compared with the traditional multi-stage chemical plating cleaning, such as electrolytic oil cleaning methods has a better effect.

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning before plating:

1. Can simplify the cleaning process, ultrasonic cleaning of the super-strong cleaning capacity, often one cleaning is worth several times the traditional cleaning effect.

2. The cleaning effect of traditional cleaning technology is not always satisfactory for complex electroplating parts, but ultrasonic cleaning for complex electroplating parts can also achieve a thorough cleaning.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning with the special electroplating cleaning agent, can quickly and thoroughly complete the cleaning purposes, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Four. Another advantage of ultrasonic cleaning in pre-plating cleaning is that it does not damage the workpiece, and the workpiece cleaning damage rate is much lower than the use of traditional cleaning methods.

The typical ultrasonic cleaning process for electroplating pretreatment

Ultrasonic deoiling

The process of removing oil by placing an oiled part in a Sonication and keeping the process under a certain frequency is called ultrasonic deoiling. After the introduction of ultrasonic technology into the conventional electroplating pretreatment process, the combination of deoiling solvent and temperature can greatly enhance the deoiling process, shorten the deoiling time, improve the deoiling quality and reduce the consumption of chemicals Especially for many complex shape parts, small precision parts, parts with a difficult dirt surface and parts made of insulation materials have significant oil removal effect, can save time-consuming manual labor, prevent damage to parts.

Ultrasonic washing

In the electroplating pretreatment process, after conventional chemical or electrolytic deoiling (or after ultrasonic deoiling), an additional ultrasonic water washing process is added, not only can remove the liquid residue in the process of conventional chemical deoiling or electrolytic deoiling (or ultrasonic deoiling), but also can carry on the secondary cleaning to the dirt which has not been thoroughly cleaned, especially for those complex workpiece shape structure, there are many holes in the use of ultrasound-specific cavitation phenomenon can once again give a thorough internal cleaning, to ensure the effectiveness of subsequent plating.

In short, the introduction of the ultrasonic cleaning process in the electroplating pretreatment process can not only greatly reduce the cleaning time, but also significantly improve the quality of cleaning. But to choose an ideal and suitable ultrasonic cleaning machine, we should not only analyze and understand the dirt on the surface of the workpiece, but also choose the proper ultrasonic frequency and power, and also consider the influence factors of ultrasonic cleaning. With the continuous development of ultrasonic technology, I believe that in the future ultrasonic cleaning technology will also be applied in more and more areas, it is bound to electroplating and electroplating cleaning process to promote the development of the role.

Application of ultrasonic cleaning in the pretreatment of electroplating