Knowledge | 2022-11-17

How to choose a desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine?


Desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine more and more people into the field of vision, small to a household ultrasonic cleaning machine, this small desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine, is generally used for cleaning jewelry, silver jewelry, watches, small items, etc., as long as the general cleaning 1 minute, can clean greasy, dirt and other surfaces, often see jewelry stores, silver jewelry stores, cleaning shops have such a small desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine, so how to choose this small desktop home ultrasonic cleaning machine?

First look at the ultrasonic cleaning machine parameters. Generally, this table-top cleaning machine has only one vibrator, power of about 50W, frequency of 40KHZ, materials and plastics; prices according to the size of a certain range, less than 1 l of the General 160 yuan-250, those larger than 1 l are generally between 200 and 350. There are a few brands on the market doing well, such as language, songs, blue whale, and Clean Alliance are good choices. Of course, if it is made of metal stainless steel, the price may be more expensive, and the size and power will increase, so you can wash some, such as metal parts.

When it comes to small household desktop ultrasonic cleaners, I'll also talk about commercial desktop ultrasonic cleaners. How to choose this kind of machine?

Commercial desktop ultrasonic cleaning machines are commonly used in laboratories and medical areas. Commercial desktop ultrasonic cleaning machines are also classified. General commercial cleaning machine slot size in the 3l-30l; ultrasonic power in the 100W-600W range; stainless steel 304, with a heating plate, there are touch buttons, the temperature is generally at room temperature-60 degrees adjustable, time settings 0-30 minutes, LED display. The price of this machine is also based on the size of the slot determines the price is 500-3000 difference is that some people can also adjust the power, plus the power function, which will generally be expensive by several hundred yuan. Then talk about high-end commercial desktop cleaning machines, and high-end commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines, first is the appearance, LCD screen; high-end commercial ultrasonic cleaning machine with degassing, sweep frequency, sleep, and other functions, there is a heat sink at the bottom, the body has mute cotton; this commercial cleaning machine can clean the blind hole, cleaning evenly, the body heating slowly, when not in use can be automatically dormant, no noise, normal work, not affected. Of course, the price could double.

Above almost introduced the desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine, hoping to help some people choose the desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine.

How to choose a desktop ultrasonic cleaning machine?