Knowledge | 2022-11-02

How do ultrasonic cleaners remove metal rust stains?


Some metals will rust after being used for some time due to the oxidation of air and water environment. Metal Rust will reduce the service life of metals, but it will also make the use of metal equipment inconvenient, so how does the ultrasonic cleaner remove metal rust stains? Ultrasonic cleaning machine rust has just met this requirement, ultrasonic cleaning machine rust is what, let us understand.

The high-frequency vibration signal announced by the ultrasonic generator is converted by the sensor into high-frequency mechanical vibration and propagated into the medium. The ultrasonic wave radiates intensively forward in the cleaning liquid, causing the liquid activity to produce tens of thousands of fine bubbles. The fine bubbles existing in the liquid vibrate under the action of the sound field. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles grow rapidly and then suddenly close. When the bubble closes, it creates a shock wave that damages the insoluble dirt and makes it lose.

Applicable range of ultrasonic cleaning machines for rust removal

Industry: de-oiling and de-rusting of various parts, cleaning of measuring instruments, de-oiling, and de-rusting of automobile parts and engines, de-oiling and de-rusting of antirust oil, de-oiling and de-rusting of various parts in front of trains, rust prevention, etc.

Surface treatment: metal material surface activation treatment, in addition to polishing paste, plating rust before de-oiling.

Other industries: photosensitive materials manufacturing, paper making, liquid defoaming (removal of dissolved air).

Points for attention in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

The use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine can not introduce a cleaning agent, that will damage the instrument, use not use flammable explosive liquid or corrosive liquid as cleaning fluid, if the use of volatile or corrosive cleaning agent, add Water to the tank, then place the detergent into the container, then place the items to be cleaned, and finally soak the detergent and cleaning items in the tank. Ultrasonic cleaning machines apply to all walks of life, if you have any cleaning problems, please contact online customer service, a smooth team to provide you with the best cleaning program and recommend the appropriate ultrasonic cleaning machine.

How do ultrasonic cleaners remove metal rust stains?