Knowledge | 2023-02-07

Ultrasonic cleaning machine running badly and what has a relationship?


If the ultrasonic cleaning machine is not properly controlled, it will affect the normal operation and use of the cleaning machine. To ensure the actual use of the cleaning machine as much as possible, we can learn from the ultrasonic cleaning machine power density, ultrasonic frequency machine cleaning time, temperature, and other factors to understand the actual use of the ultrasonic cleaning machine effect. The higher the temperature of the cleaning machine, the more favorable the decomposition of dirt, but when the temperature reaches a certain range, it will affect the effect of ultrasound and reduce the cleaning effect.

The longer the cleaning time of the cleaning machine, the longer the cleaning time. In addition to special materials, the type of cleaning fluid and dirt, the use of high power density to deal with difficult parts, the use of low power density of delicate parts, and other factors, the lower the frequency vaporization, the greater the frequency deviation effect, for simple surfaces, complex surfaces, and deep holes, in the work must use high-frequency cleaning machine to send turbulent sound, and the addition of cleaning agent is very convenient to remove it.

In the ultrasonic cleaning machine work, try not to raise the temperature to prevent normal operation, must control the safety of the cleaning agent, prohibit the ultrasonic cleaning machine from another abnormal object drop, should often maintain and maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning machine, because it is recommended that should immediately remove foreign objects in the bottom of the tank, replace or empty the cleaning fluid must be at room temperature for machine maintenance and cleaning supplies.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine normal work, should hear the ultrasonic and tank even sound, do not stir the surface of the cleaning fluid, should only be in the cleaning hole caused by the spray of water, in the premise of ensuring the cleaning object cleanly, try not to heat and intermittent work, because heating and long ultrasonic will raise the temperature in the tank.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine running badly and what has a relationship?