Knowledge | 2023-02-08

How does the automatic ultrasonic spray cleaning machine clean the products?


The high-pressure cyclone pump makes the water rotate and boil so that the dust and sand on the surface of the items are separated from the main body quickly. The clean items enter the next process through the stainless steel mesh belt, and the upper part is discharged and installed with multiple fan-shaped nozzles to clean the items twice to achieve a good cleaning effect.

Ultrasonic spraying automatic cleaning machine features.

1, sterilization machine basket cleaning machine is generally made of SUS304 stainless steel. After years of experience, has become a stainless steel nozzle. However, after so many years of experience and customer feedback, we have a new evaluation, but also to add a multi-stage automatic air-drying function.

2、The basket washer is divided into four parts for cleaning.

The first group is pre-washing: play the role of immersion, effective separation of the container and the container surface stains, cleaning and filtering the waste discharge.

The second group of ultrasonic cleaning: the effective cleaning of stains and impurities attached to the surface of the container to achieve the effect of cleaning sterilization.

The third group is tide: spraying water to rinse off all the residual stains on the surface of the container, and then disinfecting the container again.

The fourth group with clear water: rinse and then rinse again to achieve the purpose of hygiene and sterility.

3, circulating water tank with stainless steel water pump spray cleaning, basket multi-directional spray rinse at the same time.

4, continuous adjustment of the speed of the conveyor belt of the high-temperature sterilization cleaning machine.

5, automatic box washing machine sealed waterproof at both ends, with a soft curtain, easy to clean and maintain the equipment at any time

6, IP66 chassis, international imports of electrical accessories intelligent combination, overload leakage protection.

How does the automatic ultrasonic spray cleaning machine clean the products?