Knowledge | 2022-12-28

Six major components of industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment of the system! Specific applications in various fields!


The powerful cleaning function of industrial ultrasonic cleaning machines needless to say, with more and more industries on the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines, ultrasonic cleaning has become the mainstream of industrial cleaning. The main system of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is made up of which parts, then small for everyone to introduce.

Ultrasonic system

The ultrasonic system is the core of the equipment, including the transducer and ultrasonic generator. The transducer can withstand the high temperature of 100 ° C ~ 150 ° C, while the ultrasonic generator can work independently, has a complete structure, and is assisted by a sensitive integrated control system.

Heating and temperature control system

The function of this system is to increase the cleaning effect by heating the cleaning agent. The temperature can be controlled automatically and adjusted at will.

Third, the tank liquid circulation filtration system

Through this system, the tank fluid can be filtered to keep the cleanliness of the tank fluid and avoid pollution of the tank fluid in the next working procedure.

Transportation system

There is no doubt that the conveying system is based on the shape of the workpiece, the volume, and the number of determines the way of transportation.

Spray rinsing system

In this system, ultrasonic cleaning and spray cleaning can be combined organically.

Drying system

The drying system consists of a heater, a fan, and a blowing nozzle, which can quickly dry the cleaned workpiece.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers in the specific application of various fields!

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in the surface coating industry, machinery industry, electronics industry, medical industry, semiconductor industry, watch jewelry industry, optical industry, textile printing, and dyeing industry. Other industries, such as industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers use specifically as follows.

1. Surface spray treatment industry: (cleaning attachments: oil, mechanical chips, abrasives, dust, polishing wax) pre-plating removal of coke, removal of oxide, removal of polishing paste, oil and rust removal, before ion plating cleaning, phosphating treatment, metal workpiece surface activation treatment. Stainless steel polishing products, stainless steel cutlery, cutlery, cutlery, lock, lighting, jewelry spray pretreatment, cleaning before electroplating.

2. Machinery industry: (cleaning attachments: cutting oil, abrasive particles, iron chips, dust, fingerprints)

Anti-rust grease removal; measuring tool cleaning; mechanical parts of the oil derusting; Engine, engine parts, gearbox, shock absorber, Bush, nozzle, cylinder, valve body, carburetor, and automotive parts and chassis paint before de-oiling, rust, phosphating cleaning; Filter, piston accessories, filter mesh dredging and cleaning. Precision mechanical parts, compressor parts, camera parts, bearings, hardware parts, and molds, especially in the railway industry, it is very suitable for removing oil and dirt from the air-conditioning of the train compartment, rust-proof, rust-removing and oil-removing of the various parts of the locomotive.

Six major components of industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment of the system! Specific applications in various fields!