Knowledge | 2022-12-28

The customization of the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine needs to be understood! Cause analysis of tripping!


As we all know, ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in the industrial field and is no exception. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine with their function optimization and convenient high-energy operation mode has been recognized and favored by many enterprises. What process issues should be considered when customizing industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment? Now with the Jinan blue whale ultrasound equipment to understand together

1. To ensure the cleanliness of the product requirements

The preparation of the ultrasonic cleaning process must meet customer requirements for product cleanliness and production scale, that is, to meet product quality and quantity requirements, which is the basic principle of process design!

2. satisfy the requirements of the next process

Compile the cleaning process of the main process, and the cleaning process should meet the needs of the next process. For example, metal parts and plastic parts must be cleaned before surface painting to remove oil stains to ensure the adhesion of the coating; for example, in some liquid crystal displays, optical lenses, metal parts, cutting tools, vacuum coating, chemical coating or ion coating, requires a high degree of surface cleanliness, must be carried out a strict pre-treatment cleaning, otherwise, it will affect the quality of coating, bonding, welding, vacuum heat treatment, rust, and many other processes, must be removed oil and cleaning, otherwise, it will affect the next process

3. Should be considered to match the upper process, the main process of the intermediate cleaning process should be matched with the previous process

According to the residual pollutants in the former process, using the corresponding cleaning medium and cleaning process. For example, after cleaning the welded electronic circuit board, water-soluble flux in the previous process, then the cleaning medium should be a water-based cleaning agent. If synthetic fluxes are used, they should be cleaned using organic solvents, namely polar solvents for polar pollutants and non-polar solvents for non-polar pollutants.

Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine trip reason analysis!

With the continuous development of the cleaning industry, more and more industries and enterprises have applied ultrasonic cleaning machines. The use of the process will always encounter a variety of conditions, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine trip is a very common fault.

One possible cause of the trip of the ultrasonic cleaner may be a short circuit caused by faulty or aging wiring. The second reason may be short-circuited rectifier bridge, ultrasonic cleaning machine occurred rectifier bridge short-circuit will also cause the use of tripping, a good solution is to replace the bridge rectifier. The latter reason is related to the setting of the cleaning frequency, if too many cleaning items at the same time set the cleaning frequency is too high, it is easy to cause a tripping phenomenon.

The tripping phenomenon is a frequent fault, which needs to find the cause, and then according to the cause to be resolved.

The customization of the industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine needs to be understood! Cause analysis of tripping!