Knowledge | 2023-01-10

How to judge the quality of an ultrasonic vibrating plate?


When choosing an ultrasonic cleaning machine, everyone faces the problem of knowing whether it is good or bad. Let's answer:

The production process and appearance of ultrasonic cleaning machines can be identified; paying attention to product quality, process, and appearance of good product quality will be better (but not absolute). The design process directly affects product quality.

It can be identified according to the process design of the ultrasonic cleaning machine and the materials used; however, this requires a wealth of knowledge and experience in sensor materials. The reasonableness of the design depends on the material chosen. The quality of materials directly affects the quality of products, different specifications of material quality vary greatly. No matter how bad the material, technology can not make a good product.

On-board experiment:

A, power output experiment, can detect the matching of the transducer and electric box, reflecting the output load power output size. The bigger the die belt, the better the working effect and the stronger the power output. The current size can only reflect the output efficiency, but not the device power size.

B, stability test (simulated aging test), with the equipment-rated load test box and transducer power output stability.

C, overload operation; product quality stability and service life. This test only needs to be run for 8 hours continuously with the rated load OK.

How to judge the quality of an ultrasonic vibrating plate?