Knowledge | 2023-01-09

How to choose an ultrasonic cleaner?


Today, ultrasonic cleaners will be used in factories, some hospitals, and laboratories. Purchasing a suitable ultrasonic cleaner will not only provide a better cleaning effect and faster cleaning speed for customers but also reduce the maintenance times when using the ultrasonic cleaner, saving maintenance costs. So, how to choose the ultrasonic cleaner?

Frequency selection.

In the purchase of ultrasonic cleaner, first of all, according to the working frequency of the instrument to choose. If more water or water cleaning agent is used in the ultrasonic cleaning process, the physical cleaning force generated by the cavitation effect can obtain a better effect when using the low-frequency ultrasonic cleaner, and in the cleaning of narrow gaps or deep holes of parts and equipment, should choose more high-frequency ultrasonic cleaner.

2. Power selection.

At present, the cleaning effect of the popular ultrasonic cleaner on the market is mostly proportional to its power and cleaning time. Therefore, if the need to clean is stubborn and difficult to remove the dirt, you can appropriately choose to use a larger power ultrasonic cleaner. However, the blind pursuit of high power may also make more sophisticated equipment in the cleaning process of corrosion point, the gain is not worth the loss.

3. Material selection.

The material of ultrasonic cleaner generally determines its quality and life, so the choice of material is also an important note when we buy an ultrasonic cleaner. The regular ultrasonic cleaner uses high-quality stainless steel as the main material of the instrument, which can avoid the trouble caused by an accidental failure in subsequent use.

To sum up, in the purchase of an ultrasonic cleaner, one should pay attention to the overall consideration of its working frequency, cleaning power, and material selection. Choosing a manufacturer with a good reputation in the industry can ensure that the equipment has more mature cleaning technology and more refined production materials, and provide customers with more professional after-sales maintenance technical guidance.

How to choose an ultrasonic cleaner?