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How to clean with an ultrasonic cleaning machine?


According to the single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine instructions, the use of the steps is as follows. First, the first configuration of cleaning fluid, in the tank to join the right amount of water and detergent, to ensure that the cleaning fluid can be immersed in the electrical circuit to be cleaned, and to stir it. Second, open the single-trough ultrasonic cleaning machine, adjust the temperature control button, and set the temperature of the cleaning fluid, the specific temperature should be determined according to the active temperature of the cleaning agent. Third, when the cleaning solution reaches the set temperature, put the electric circuit into the cleaning tank to ensure that all the circuits into the cleaning solution. Fourth, adjust the cleaning power, and cleaning time, and press the cleaning button.

When the single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning time, people need to turn off the ultrasonic power, stop cleaning, reset the temperature control button, and stop constant temperature control. The electric circuit is then taken out from the cleaning tank, and rinsed with clean water to clean the residual dirt and cleaning fluid on the surface of the circuit. Then, drain the water from the sink and clean the sink. Wipe the sink dry after cleaning. To protect the single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, when not in use it should be placed in a clean, dry place to prevent its circuit moisture.

What is the working principle of the single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The following is for everyone to introduce the main links and steps of its work, ultrasonic cleaning machine how to work the principle and knowledge. The principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is to transfer the transducer, the power of the ultrasonic frequency source, and to convert it into mechanical vibration, by cleaning the tank wall so that the cleaning liquid in the tank will be radiated to the ultrasonic wave. As a result of the ultrasonic radiation, the micro-bubbles in the liquid groove under the action of sound waves maintain vibration. Ultrasonic cleaning machine-powerful ultrasonic cleaning machine

When the pressure of sound pressure or intensity reaches a certain level, the bubble will expand rapidly, and then suddenly closed. During this process, the shock wave is produced at the instant of the bubble closing, which creates a pressure of 1012-1013pa and local temperature adjustment around the bubble, the pressure produced by ultrasonic cavitation can destroy the insoluble dirt and make it differentiate into solution and the direct repeated impact of steam cavitation on the dirt.

Cleaning area

Apply to electronics, machinery, automobiles, electroplating, chemical fiber, optics, cleaning circuit board, magnetic core, nozzle, auto parts, auto maintenance, electroplating hardware tools, chemical fiber spinneret, optical lenses, bearings, tools, tableware, medical equipment, precision hardware, watch parts, gold and silver jewelry, electronic component, etc..


Good cleaning effect, high efficiency, environmental protection, low cost, average cleaning effect.

How to clean with an ultrasonic cleaning machine?