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How to buy a satisfactory ultrasonic cleaner? What is the cavitation effect?


Sound is an important medium for our daily communication and information transmission, but can it do more? We study it constantly. Finally, we found the ultrasonic wave and made good use of it, making it play an irreplaceable role. Ultrasonic cleaners are one of the most popular applications. By using it, we can save a lot of cleaning time. There are many kinds of ultrasonic cleaners on the market now. How to buy our satisfactory ultrasonic cleaner?

1. The brand or manufacturer of the ultrasonic cleaner.

A good ultrasonic cleaner brand or manufacturer directly determines the quality of products, and in the cleaning process, price and after-sales service are more secure. More importantly, when signing the purchase contract for the ultrasonic cleaner, we must put the equipment-related information, terms, and conditions as detailed as possible into the contract, in case of major problems, the two sides can negotiate according to the content of the contract, in addition to the acceptance of the workpiece as far as possible to the production enterprise to the on-site acceptance.

This is the power choice of the ultrasonic cleaner.

Although the cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaner and power is not completely proportional, sometimes the use of power is small and needs a long time to clean up. If the use of power, stains can sometimes be quickly removed. However, if the power used by the ultrasonic cleaner is too large, the cleaning effect will be improved, but the cavitation strength will be greatly increased, thus making more accurate parts corrosion point, the loss is outweighed by the gain. Generally speaking, the actual power configuration of the ultrasonic cleaner than the theoretical layout 20-25% as long as, too high or too low is not suitable for the working effect of the ultrasonic cleaner, so according to their actual use of the selection of appropriate ultrasonic cleaner.

3, is the frequency choice of the ultrasonic cleaner.

For cleaning small gaps, slits, and deep holes, the use of high frequency (generally more than 40kHz) is better; For General cleaning auto parts, hardware tools, hydraulic components, and other parts choose 25KHZ can; precision parts can choose 40-60KHZ frequency band.

4. Choose a one-piece or two-piece ultrasonic cleaner.

Judging from the composition of the ultrasonic cleaner, the desktop machine adopts an integral, small size, which not only can save space but also can be placed at will; Most of them are tailored to the user's actual situation. At this point, the generator will be separated from the wet clean environment, which can not only ensure the normal operation of the machine but also can extend its life of the machine. In addition, the multi-slot ultrasonic cleaner generally does not move, so excess generator space is not a problem with the large cleaning tank. In the choice of ultrasonic cleaner or split type, everything should start from the use of the machine.

5. It is the choice of the material of the ultrasonic cleaner and the effective volume of the cleaning tank.

The material of the tank of the ultrasonic cleaner should be determined according to the chemical characteristics of the cleaning medium. In general, you can choose SUS304, if the use of a harsh environment, you can choose SUS316 materials. The selection of effective volume should be based on the appearance of the ultrasonic cleaner cleaning product size and parts to be cleaned to determine the minimum effective size of tank cleaning.

Buy training for your employees.

After the installation of the ultrasonic cleaner, personnel training enterprise employees, to ensure that employees learn the relevant operating methods.

What is the cavitation effect?

When working in an ultrasonic cleaning machine, when the liquid emits enough ultrasonic energy, the vibration of ultrasonic frequency is added to the cleaning fluid, and the inside of the liquid will be utilized and compressed. When a liquid is utilized, it produces bubbles, and when the liquid is compressed, the bubbles are compressed, it is crushed, and broken, and this produces the famous ultrasonic cavitation effect. The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is to remove the oil through the cavitation effect.

The experiment shows that the penetration, steam, and brush can be obtained by using the ultrasonic cleaning technology, and a better cleaning effect can be achieved by using the ultrasonic cleaning technology, the need for containers and cleaning solutions, ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic power supplies, ultrasonic sensors are the components that produce the ultrasonic wave, used to drive the ultrasonic sensor to provide power for the ultrasonic wave, it is equivalent to the core of the whole ultrasonic cleaning equipment, whose working frequency and product quality play a decisive role in the cleaning effect.

When we understand the principle of an ultrasonic cleaning machine, we can know that ultrasonic cleaning technology is the use of ultrasonic cavitation on the surface of the dirt on the impact and stripping, to achieve the goal of cleaning. The utility model has the advantages of high cleanliness and fast cleaning speed. Especially for blind holes and various geometric objects, another cleaning can not achieve the unique cleaning effect.

Buying an ultrasonic cleaner is not an easy task. We can not be tempted by the low-price strategy in the market, nor can we rush to the hot-selling ultrasonic cleaner. Instead, we should choose regular ultrasonic cleaners and reliable ultrasonic cleaner manufacturers or brands. In addition to the above six points, we should also learn to use the ultrasonic cleaner should pay attention to a series of problems.

How to buy a satisfactory ultrasonic cleaner? What is the cavitation effect?