Knowledge | 2022-11-11

How do ultrasonic cleaners clean all kinds of workpieces for removing oil and wax? Why did you choose it?


How does the ultrasonic cleaning machine clean hardware except for oil and wax? This still has to start with the cavitation principle of ultrasonic cleaning, the ultrasonic cleaning machine produces thousands of bubbles in the ultrasonic cleaning work, in the bubble, burst at the same time, producing a strong impact on the liquid, continuously affecting the surface of the cleaning object, thereby removing oil from the inner and outer surfaces of the object. Of course, it is necessary to add a certain amount of oil removal cleaning agent in the liquid, oil removal effect is better.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning craft, widely used in the hardware industry, also known as hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine, or hardware parts cleaning machine, cleaning oil effect is very obvious, generally used to remove oil, rust, Rust.

If you are a large hardware component manufacturer, producing 30,000 hardware components a day, if you are manually clean, it is undoubtedly a huge task, not only need more human resources, cleaning time is long, cleaning is not thorough enough, especially for those complex structure of the hardware, clearance dirt cleaning is not in place! However, if you use an ultrasonic cleaner instead of manual cleaning, hardware parts will become easier to clean, not only more efficient but also more effective derusting oil. As for semi-automatic or fully automatic, single or multi-slot, you can according to actual needs buy the appropriate hardware de-oiling except for the wax ultrasonic cleaning machine.

If it is a hardware store or a small-scale factory, you can choose a single-slot hardware oil removal except for a wax ultrasonic cleaning machine.

The following is a description of how the single-tank ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware de-oiling and de-rusting cleans oil stains, as well as the operation process of cleaning oil stains:

1. Put the aluminum blocks, metal parts, bearings, chains, molds, and other hardware that need to be cleaned into the cleaning basket, and then put the cleaning basket into the cleaning can;

2, add water, and pour in the right amount of oil remover;

3, turn on the switch, adjust the time and temperature (temperature about 55 degrees, the best cleaning oil), press the start button, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine began to work;

4, after cleaning shut down (if set time, do not need to shut down, cleaning machine will stop by itself) ;

5, pick up the cleaning basket, and immediately dry the hardware;

6, if temporarily do not use, should do a good job cleaning machine maintenance.

Why should we choose an ultrasonic cleaning machine for oil removal?

When it comes to equipment with a good de-oiling effect, people will think of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, but more people may have a deeper understanding of its cleaning effect, and may not know much about the de-oiling effect, so today we'll take a brief look at why his oil removal effect is so good.

First, the impact is great

When it comes to an ultrasonic cleaning machine, basically will mention the cavitation effect, which can repeatedly impact the dirt layer, effectively destroy the oil and cleaning equipment surface adsorption, and promote the oil layer and cleaning room surface of the rapid separation.

Second, the scrubbing effect is obvious

The ultrasonic cleaning machine can scrub the solid surface very well, when the solid surface has an oil crack, the air bubble can enter the crack, and follow the vibration frequency of the equipment to vibrate quickly, helping the oil to fall off quickly from the surface of the equipment, quick finish oil cleaning.

Good emulsifying effect

Because oil and cleaning fluid are two liquids, in the case of rapid vibration, the two liquids can be quickly dispersed in the interface, resulting in an emulsifying effect. After the emulsifying effect occurs, the oil-coated equipment can quickly fall off from the oil and complete the oil removal cleaning.

One of the main reasons why the ultrasonic cleaning machine is good at removing oil lies in its high-frequency vibration characteristic and unique technology, so whether it is oil or dust solid, under the high-frequency vibration cleaning can quickly fall off from the surface of the equipment to achieve a better cleaning effect. So for many industries, its role is very practical, and will not have a loss for the equipment.

How do ultrasonic cleaners clean all kinds of workpieces for removing oil and wax? Why did you choose it?