Blue Whale LCD Touch Screen Single Frequency Series -40KHz Single Frequency Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Instrument

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaner

Product Features:

1. The display screen adopts LED visualization LCD digital display, which is clear and clear at a glance.

2. Automatic frequency sweep function, the data error of the analysis object is greatly reduced, the efficiency of cleaning objects is improved, and the cleaning effect is more thorough;

3, degassing function, pumping out the air of the liquid to prevent oxidation of cleaning objects, to achieve ultrasonic vacuum cleaning, cleaning cleaner;

4. Ultrasonic power 0-100% adjustable, suitable for the power required by different cleaning objects;

5. Ultrasonic working time (0-99 minutes / normally open) can be adjusted freely to adapt to long-term use;

6, silent design, cleaning and dispersion is quieter.

7. Independent research and development of transducer, strong strength, thorough cleaning.

8. Made of black titanium stainless steel, anti-fingerprint processing, acid and alkali resistance.

9, 3D stereoscopic heat dissipation system, so that the equipment runs more durable.

10. AUTO one-button automatic button design, minimal operation;

11, room temperature - 80 °C range of arbitrary adjustable;

12. The inner tank adopts high-quality SUS304 stainless steel without welding, and the waterproof performance is good;

13. The cleaning basket is formed by stainless steel SUS304 mesh screen argon arc welding;

14, 6.5L or more equipped with customized drainage device;

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Product Details:

For the inner wall of the experimental glassware has not been washed by hand, the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning instrument is a good solution to this problem. Because the energy of ultrasonic waves can penetrate the inner walls of glassware and fine gaps, small holes, and dead corners, it can be applied to the cleaning of any glassware, test tube, beaker, parts or assemblies. When the part to be cleaned is a precision glassware, part or assembly, ultrasonic cleaning is often the only cleaning method that can meet its special technical requirements.

Blue Whale LCD Touch Screen Single Frequency Series -40KHz Single Frequency Laboratory Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine Instrument
Model Inner slot size(MM) Capacity(L)
Transducer Frequency Ultrasonic power Heating power Sweep frequency Degassing Display screen Time adjustable
240*135*100 3.2L 2pcs 40KHz
0-120W 400W Standard Standard LCD touch screen 1-99H
LanJ-L3-40 300*150*100 4.5L 3pcs 40KHz 0-180W 400W Standard Standard LCD touch screen 1-99H
LanJ-L31-40 300*150*150 6.5L 3pcs 40KHz 0-180W 500W Standard Standard LCD touch screen 1-99H
LanJ-L4-40 300*240*150 10L 4pcs 40KHz 0-240W 500W Standard Standard LCD touch screen 1-99H
LanJ-L6-40 330*300*150 15L 6pcs 40KHz 0-360W 600W Standard Standard LCD touch screen 1-99H
LanJ-L8-40 500*300*150 22.5L 8pcs 40KHz 0-480W 800W Standard Standard LCD touch screen 1-99H
LanJ-L10-40 500*300*200 30L 10pcs 40KHz 0-600W 1000W Standard Standard LCD touch screen 1-99H

Blue Whale 40kHz single-frequency laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine instrument and equipment manufacturers, providing single-frequency laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine series, dual-frequency laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine series and three-frequency single-frequency laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine series, the main scope of application: suitable for hospital manual knives, forceps, hemostatic forceps and other surgical machinery, a variety of soft, hard endoscopes, various syringes, test tubes, glass pieces, dressing bowls, various plates, barrels, pressure gauges and other radioactive, polluting, large-scale, high-cleanliness medical equipment.
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