Knowledge | 2022-09-06

Why the hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine oil removal effect is good?


Hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine specialized in cleaning all kinds of equipment including metal objects and small parts. It acts on two-phase or multi-phase systems and can produce many effects, such as cavitation effect, shape effect, interface effect, and so on, and interface effect can increase the surface area, therefore, the activation of the separation material has a certain impact on the shape, but also can be more rapid and effective removal of the surface of the object stains. The design adopts an integrated multi-stage process design, the nozzle can be adjusted, the cleaning function is comprehensive, the surface is clean and rust-proof, the PLC man-machine interface, the programmable automatic control system, the humanized operation interface, the operation is convenient, u-type rotary conveyor, stable transmission, accurate positioning, workpiece automatic batch cleaning, space-saving, efficient hot air circulation can achieve fast drying effect, reduce water marks, spray oil, work is not greasy.

High-frequency ultrasonic cleaning is an effective way to improve cleanliness. Now there is a high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning trend. The reason is that with the increase of ultrasonic frequency, although the diameter of the cavitation bubble decreases and the burst strength of the cavitation bubble decreases, the uniformity of the cavitation bubble increases. It has a better removal effect on the smaller dirt particles, reducing the possibility of cavitation.

Hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine oil removal effect display:

1. Put oil-stained hardware parts, aluminum blocks, metals, bearings, chains, molds, etc. into the cleaning basket and then into the cleaning tank

2. Add Water and some oil remover.

3, press the switch, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine began to work, waiting for the completion of cleaning.

Why the hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine oil removal effect is good?