Knowledge | 2022-02-11

What are the characteristics of an ultrasonic generator? What are the steps to use an ultrasonic cleaner?


Ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic drive power, electronic box, ultrasonic controller, is an important part of the high power ultrasound system. The ultrasonic generator effect is to convert electrical energy into high-frequency alternating signals that match the ultrasonic transducer to drive ultrasonic transducers. So what are the characteristics of the ultrasonic generator?


First, as the depth of cleaning is different, the resonant frequency and impedance changes in transducers vary widely. However, practice shows that after putting the right amount of cleaning in the tank. It can be stable on a certain value.


Second, in general, since the cleaning load changes, a complex frequency automatic tracking circuit can be not required.


Third, practical ultrasonic generators, most of which adopt high-power self-excited feedback oscillators.


Ultrasonic generators used for ultrasonic cleaning tanks, from the type of components used, can be divided into electronic tubular, thyristor type, and transistor type. In recent years, it has evolved to use high-power "power modules". Its output power is from dozens of watts to thousands of watts, and the operating frequency is from 15 kHz-40kHz.


When the operator uses the ultrasonic cleaning machine device, it is necessary to perform a subtle operation in strict accordance with the following requirements.


First, connect the cable between the cleaning tank and the generator;


Next, pour the cleaning fluid into the cleaning tank. It is necessary to remind it that when the amount of the cleaning liquid is put into the washed product. The position of the liquid is approximately three-quarters of the whole. And then put the parts in the cleaning tank and connect the power plug.


Finally, set the cleaning time and turn it on.


Pay attention to a few questions when using the device:


First, ultrasonic cleaning machine power and electric heater power supply must have a good grounding device;


Second, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly prohibited without a cleaning liquid. It means that the ultrasonic switch cannot be closed without adding a certain amount of cleaning liquid.


Third, the cleaning equipment with heating equipment is NOT made to open the heating switch when there is no liquid;


Fourth, it cannot be hit by heavy objects. so it will not damage the transducer.

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