Knowledge | 2022-06-08

Use a dual-frequency ultrasonic washing machine to remove dirt


There are many ways to remove dirt. It is convenient and reliable for artificial cleaning and does not produce chemical waste liquids. However, this method is inefficient, the labor intensity is high, and the cleaning is not thorough enough. It has been gradually eliminated. Physical cleaning includes high-voltage water shot cleaning, electrical pulse cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, blasting cleaning, and mechanical scraping. It is safe and efficient. It is a commonly used cleaning method. Addition, another common cleaning method is chemical cleaning. It is a method of cleaning the scale to quickly dissolve the scale through chemical reactions to the equipment such as heat exchange and cooling. It is commonly used as cleaning sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphate, nitrate, hydrofluoric acid, amino sulfonic acid, and other inorganic acids, as well as organic acid, and acetic acid, EDTA, citric acid, and other organic acids. Its effects are different. However, because most devices are metal devices, the materials are mostly carbon steel, and various acids have different degrees of corrosion effects on metal devices. At the same time, the hydrogen released by the reaction will spread to the metal. , Bring hidden safety hazards. In addition, the response will also release acid gases to worsen labor conditions.

The removal of dirt by ultrasonic cleaning is mainly realized by the ultrasonic cavitation effect. The high-frequency current generated by the ultrasonic generator is converted into mechanical waves of the same frequency, which propagates into the cleaning solution in the form of ultrasonic waves and form tens of thousands of tiny bubbles in the cleaning solution, this, in turn, creates tiny holes that resemble a vacuum. Under the action of ultrasonic waves, these dense air bubbles break up rapidly, forming instantaneous high pressure and local high temperature over thousands of atmospheric pressure in an instant, causing the attachment to peel off quickly from the surface of the object. For some grooves, pores, slits, and other irregular tables, ultrasonic cleaning is more effective.

Compared with mechanical, chemical and human methods, ultrasonic cleaning has the characteristics of low manpower requirement, high efficiency, environmental protection, no chemical reaction and corrosion, etc. , it is widely used in electronic manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, pipeline transmission and other fields, its working principle is ultrasonic power drive transducer, ultrasonic frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration, and then act on the cleaning tank or pipeline wall, by using the“Cavitation effect”, “Shear effect” and“Activation effect” produced by the interaction of ultrasonic wave and liquid medium, the adhesion of dirt can be destroyed, and the surface of the object to be cleaned can be separated, the cleaning effect is mainly affected by ultrasonic power, frequency, sound intensity and standing wave, which is produced by reflection during ultrasonic propagation, in particular, when the parallel distance between the two interfaces is an integral multiple of half-wavelength, standing waves will be superimposed, and the sound intensity at the nodes is the weakest or even zero, resulting in a cleaning blind area, but the sound intensity is strongest at the belly of the wave, the cleaning and descaling effect is the best. Most of the common ultrasonic cleaning and descaling systems work in single-frequency mode, and the transducer and its matching reactance are fixed, single-frequency matching, the whole system can only work in the transducer under the fixed resonant frequency. Therefore, we specially designed a dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning and descaling system, using the transducer with adjustable reactance matching 28 kHz and 40 kHz respectively, so that the ultrasonic waves of two frequencies can enhance the cleanliness of each other at the position of standing wave nodes, eliminate blind spots for cleaning.

Use a dual-frequency ultrasonic washing machine to remove dirt