Knowledge | 2022-04-26

Upgraded version of blue whale Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners


First, the shape of the ultrasonic cleaning machine upgrade

PC material: transparent, not ordinary plastic, non-toxic, high-temperature resistance, impact resistance. This will give us an insight into what's going on inside. Stainless steel: high-grade, durable, fast heat conduction, can not observe the working conditions inside.

Secondly, the frequency of the Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners can be upgraded to mechanically adjust the frequency size.

In ultrasonic cleaning, first of all, better to make the correct choice of ultrasonic frequency. The ultrasonic frequency is a decisive parameter because it has a direct effect on cavitation. The lower the ultrasonic frequency is, the stronger the ultrasonic cavitation is, the better the cleaning effect is, but the noise is bigger. Therefore, the general use of ultrasonic frequency of about 20 kHz, when the cavitation effect is strong, cleaning effect is also better. 

For the parts with a higher Surface finish and the hole parts with a smaller diameter, it is suitable to use the high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning with a shorter wavelength and more concentrated energy. But the high-frequency ultrasonic vibration in the cleaning solution attenuation is larger, the action distance is shorter, and the cavitation intensity is weaker. Therefore the cleaning efficiency is also lower. In addition, because of the directivity of high-frequency ultrasound produced by the "Shadow". It can not clean some positions of the parts. 

When using an Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner without frequency tracking, the frequency adjusting knob of the ultrasonic generator must be adjusted frequently.  So that the frequency of its output signal is always consistent with the natural frequency of the transducer. To achieve the best purpose with the strongest cavitation and the best cleaning effect.

For example, in the production of high-tech products such as large-scale integrated circuits, silicon wafers, computer disks, and the cleaning of photolithography, it is usually necessary to remove dirt particles smaller than microns by using ultrasonic waves such as low frequency 20 kHz or 28 kHz. Although it can be cleaned, the tiny dirt particles attached to the surface are easy to peel off from the surface. But it is very easy to damage the product. At this point we must take a high-frequency ultrasound, it does not create holes but very high energy, dirt in the huge energy under the action of dissociation and dispersion. At this point choose high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning with no damage to clean the surface of the object, and can remove the characteristics of micro-dirt. Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners will be more efficient, and cleaner.

Reminder: It is not better with a higher frequency. According to factors such as cleaning objects, quantity, and other factors, the appropriate frequency is selected to protect the fuselage. Thereby it can extend the service life of the Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners.

Upgraded version of blue whale Ultrasonic Parts Cleaners