Knowledge | 2022-06-01

Ultrasonic washing machine for removing rust


The ultrasonic washing machine is one of the advanced methods for removing rust in modern industry. Steel surface treatment engineering has developed rapidly in the last century, large ultrasonic washing machine manufacturers r & D and production of rust removal ultrasonic washing machine, the surface treatment also introduced the ultrasonic cleaning technology. At present, the ultrasonic washing machine has been widely used in electrical engineering, mechanical manufacturing, medical equipment, metallurgy, and other fields. The ultrasonic washing machine can effectively remove wax, rust, surface oxides, grease, surface coatings, and other impurities. This paper mainly introduces the rust removal principle of ultrasonic washing machines and their application in medical equipment and industry.

How does an ultrasonic washing machine remove rust? This has to be analyzed according to its principle. When the ultrasonic is spreading in the liquid, it interacts with the liquid, and then produces a variety of ultrasonic effects, which are mainly divided into mechanical effects, carrix, thermal effects, and chemical effects. The reason why ultrasonic waves can remove rust can benefit from their vacuum effect. After the ultrasonic effect is cleaned the liquid, the liquid will form negative pressure after the stress is stressed, and the small bubbles will be formed. Under the action of pressure, these tens of thousands of bubbles will instantly. The rupture causes a strong shock wave to remove the rust on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the purpose of rust removal.

The ultrasonic washing machine for removing rust has good commercial value in many fields, especially in industry and medical apparatus. The technology of ultrasonic washing machine is mainly used for surface pretreatment of all kinds of metal workpieces in industry, including ultrasonic oil removal, rust removal, oxide scale removal, phosphating, etc., the ultrasonic cleaning machine can solve the corrosion problem of the workpiece during the strong acid rust removal, and improve the quality of phosphating treatment and subsequent spray processing. The medical field uses the rust-removing agent to cooperate with the ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove the rust, the effect is very good, can not damage the instrument basically, may achieve the artificial rust to be unable to achieve the request. Especially in the rusty tank, deep holes, and joints that are difficult to remove rust, ultrasonic washing machines will be more thorough.

Ultrasonic washing machine for removing rust