Knowledge | 2022-07-29

Ultrasonic cleaning machines should pay attention to these issues during use


Improper use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, not only will affect the normal work of the cleaning machine, but also lead to poor cleaning effect and equipment, cleaning items, such as damage. And to avoid that here's how to avoid it!

Points for attention in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machines:

1, ultrasonic cleaning machine power and electric heater power supply must have a good grounding device.

2, ultrasonic cleaning machine is strictly prohibited in the tank without water or solvent, do not start, because it will cause air vibration, causing vibration head scrap or damage.

3, there is a heating system cleaning equipment is strictly prohibited when no liquid to open the heating switch.

4. Do not clean the bottom of the cylinder with a heavy object (iron) to avoid damage to the chip of the energy converter.

5, clean the bottom of the cylinder to wash regularly, not too many sundries or dirt.

Do not put your finger in the sink during the operation of the washing machine, or you will feel a sharp pain or discomfort.

7, each time when the new liquid, after the start of the ultrasonic, can be washed.

Use water or water solution as a cleaning agent, try not to use alcohol, gasoline, or any flammable gas as a cleaning agent in the cleaning machine, easy to cause fire, explosion, etc.

9. The optimum temperature of the ultrasonic cleaning tank is 60 ~ 70 ° C, and the cleaning agent can be selected correctly according to different cleaning objects. Cleaning agents are generally divided into water-based (alkaline) cleaning agents, organic solvents cleaning agents, and chemical reaction cleaning agents. Usually used for water-based cleaning agents, according to the degree of contamination of the cleaned and the nature of dirt, choose a different cleaning time.

10. When using the machine, avoid working for long periods. This will cause mechanical fatigue and damage the machine, therefore, the ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers, recommended use after half an hour should rest for some time and then continue to operate. In addition, if the cleaning is very small parts, to facilitate management and play certain protection measures, should be used mesh cage.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines should pay attention to these issues during use