Knowledge | 2022-07-21

The structure of the ultrasonic cleaning machine


Sound waves, whether infrasound or ultrasonic, have a great influence on us. The application of ultrasound along with the rapid development of science and technology in our lives, is particularly obvious to the number of ultrasonic cleaning machines, then, do you know the composition of ultrasonic cleaning machine structure?

The structure of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is as follows:

1. The panel of the box ultrasonic cleaning machine is provided with an ammeter, a power switch, an output socket, and a frequency phase power series adjusting knob.

2. Ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic drive power, electronic box, or ultrasonic controller, is an important part of a high-power ultrasonic system. The function of the ultrasonic generator is to convert the electricity into high-frequency AC signals that match the Ultrasonic transducer and drive the Ultrasonic transducer. High-power ultrasonic power supply generally adopts the circuit form of switching power supply in terms of conversion efficiency. The ultrasonic power supply is divided into the self-excited and it-excited power supply, the self-excited power supply is called the ultrasonic analog power supply, and the it-excited power supply is called the ultrasonic generator.

3. The function of an Ultrasonic transducer is to convert incoming electrical power into mechanical power (that is, ultrasonic waves) and pass it on while consuming very little of its power. The transducer consists of a housing, a matching layer, a piezoelectric ceramic disk transducer, a backing, an extraction cable, and a Cymbal array receiver.

4. The cleaning tank consists of the stainless steel tank, composite transducer, and matching inductor. The transducer is arranged at the bottom of the stainless steel groove and cushioned with a vibration damping device between the stainless steel groove and the box frame.

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The structure of the ultrasonic cleaning machine