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The prospect of an ultrasonic washer machine for hardware


As my country's pillar industry, the machinery industry plays an important role in my country's national economic development and construction. Today, the development of the hardware industry is becoming mature. How to make the industry have sustainable productivity and competitiveness is the question needs to think about industry development and enterprise survival. So how do entrepreneurs start?

Expert Tips: to better promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's hardware industry. Accelerate China's hardware information construction, and promote China's hardware industry upgrade. At the same time, to provide better service for the members of China's hardware industry, hardware with ultrasonic washer machines can do a good job of cost control and reduce environmental pollution.

Expert analysis: first, the concept of an ultrasonic washer machine for hardware

1. What is ultrasound?

An ultrasonic wave is a sound wave with a frequency higher than 20000 Hz. It has good directivity, strong penetrating ability, easy to obtain more concentrated sound energy, and can travel long distances in water, can be used for ranging, speed measurement, cleaning, welding, gravel, sterilization, and other disinfection. It has many applications in medicine, military affairs, industry, and agriculture. Ultrasound is so named because the lower limit of its frequency is approximately equal to the upper limit of human hearing.

2. Principle of ultrasonic washer machine for hardware

The principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware parts is mainly to convert the sound energy of power ultrasonic frequency source into mechanical vibration and to radiate the cleaning liquid in the tank to ultrasonic wave through the wall of the cleaning tank.

Because of the radiated ultrasonic wave, the micro-bubbles in the liquid in the trough can keep vibrating under the action of the acoustic wave. When the pressure or intensity of sound reaches a certain level, the bubble expands rapidly and then suddenly closes again. During this process, a shock wave is generated at the moment the bubble closes, causing a pressure of 1012-1013 pa around the bubble and local temperature regulation, this ultrasonic cavitation generated by the enormous pressure can destroy the insoluble dirt and make them differentiated in the solution, steam cavitation on the dirt of direct repeated impact.

Second, the role of the hardware ultrasonic washer machine

On the one hand, it destroys the adsorption between the dirt and the surface of the cleaning part, on the other hand, it can cause fatigue damage to the dirt layer and be separated from it. The vibration of the gas-type bubble will scrub the solid surface. Once the dirt layer has a seam, it can be drilled, the bubble immediately "drills" the vibration to cause the dirty layer to fall off, because of the cavitation, the two kinds of liquid quickly disperse and emfy in the interface, when the solid particle is wrapped by the oil pollution and sticks to the surface of the cleaning part, the oil is emfied and the solid particles break off by themselves. When ultrasound propagates in the cleaning fluid, it will produce a positive and negative alternating sound pressure, forming a jet, which will impact the cleaning part. At the same time, because of the nonlinear effect, it will produce a sound flow and a microsound flow, and ultrasonic cavitation can produce a high-speed micro-jet at the solid and liquid interface. All these effects can destroy dirt, remove or weaken the boundary dirt layer, increase stirring and diffusion, and accelerate the dissolution of soluble dirt, strengthen the cleaning action of the chemical cleaning agent. It can be seen that any place where liquid can be immersed and a sound field exists has a cleaning function, and its characteristic is suitable for cleaning parts with very complicated surface shapes. In particular, the use of this technology can reduce the number of chemical solvents, thereby greatly reducing the environmental pollution.

Third, the use of ultrasonic washer machine for hardware

Mainly used in electronics, machinery, optics, medicine, electroplating, coating and vacuum coating pretreatment, and other industries. Especially suitable for complex surface shape parts, such as precision parts on the narrow, groove, deep hole, blind hole cleaning. At the same time can clean the surface of parts, oil, rust, and oxide scale. In particular, it is ideal for the cleaning of various glassware and medical and surgical instruments in the pharmaceutical industry. It can not only achieve the goal of cleaning but also crush various microorganisms and bacteria attached to the inner and outer walls of glassware, to achieve the role of cleaning disinfection, and sterilization.

Fourth, the advantages of the hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. More thorough cleaning 2. Safe operation and energy saving. 3. High efficiency. 4. Can be carried out in large quantities of cleaning, 5. reduce time, labor, and site. To reduce the cost of cleaning greatly.

Expert comments: with the acceleration of the global economic integration process and the continuous development of China's Socialist market economy, technological progress, product quality is the development of industry has a far-reaching impact. Visible, the ultrasonic cleaning machine for hardware, in the future industrial field will be consistent recognition and applied. It is an important working procedure in the production of the hardware industry, which has a great influence on the quality index of products. It appears as a "butterfly effect".

The prospect of an ultrasonic washer machine for hardware