Knowledge | 2022-04-28

The knowledge point of Blue Whale's custom automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine(2)


The features of Blue Whale's custom automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. the special purpose for cleaning metal parts before plating

2. Special purpose for final cleaning of metal parts before final packaging

3. Equipped with high-efficiency ultrasonic cleaning, no damage to the workpiece surface

4.100% water-free and low operating cost

5. Short operating cycle time and high output

6. Equipped with spray and pure water rinsing tank

7. Equipped with drying tank. Automatic Balance System PLC programming automatic control system

Application of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

Hardware and electronics industry, precision circuit board, precision instrument, hardware industry, watch industry, electroplating industry, liquid crystal display industry, glasses industry, jewelry, mechanical parts, semiconductor, aviation, and automotive industry.

Main parameters:

1. Frequency: 20 kHz, can be divided into 2 bands, low frequency, intermediate frequency, and high frequency.

2. Power density: power density = Emission Power (W)/emission area (CM2) usually & GE; 0.3 W/CM2. The higher the power density of ultrasonic, the stronger the cavitation effect, the faster the speed, the better the cleaning effect. However, for high-precision, high-Surface finish objects, the use of long-term high-power density cleaning on the surface of the object will produce "cavitation" corrosion.

3. Ultrasonic frequency: the lower the ultrasonic frequency, the easier the cavitation in the liquid, the greater the strength, the role is also stronger, suitable for workpiece (rough, dirty) initial washing. The High-frequency ultrasonic direction is strong, and suitable for fine cleaning objects.

4. Cleaning temperature: in general, ultrasonic cavitation at 30 °c-40 °C is the best. The higher the temperature of the cleaning agent, the more significant. The working temperature of 50 °C-70 °C is usually used in the practical application of ultrasonic waves.

Its durability:

The normal use of the general is 6 to 8 years. If the normal use of the process of attention to maintenance, it will be extended for 3-5 years.

Operation Guide for full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Check the cleaning tank to ensure that there is adequate water (the water level should be at least 200mm above the transducer box).

2. The process requires the addition of an appropriate amount of cleaning agents.

3. Hang the power control knob to the minimum.

4. Close the power switch or plug the power cable into the power socket.

5. Turn on the power switch, turn the "power adjustment" knob to the desired power value, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine began to work.

6. When not working, turn the "power adjustment" knob to the minimum position and close the power switch.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance:

1. The equipment is not used for a long time, please drain the cleaning fluid and clean the tank.

2. If the equipment is not in use for a long time, please start the machine once a month according to the operating guide and work for half an hour.

3. Please inform US immediately if there is any technical trouble.

Notice of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. Do not start the machine without water in the cleaning tank.

2. No high power direct start.

3. If the corrosive gas concentration is high, please keep the ultrasonic system away from the cleaning tank as far as possible.

4. Do not touch the electronic component of the generator for 30 minutes while the power is on or off. High voltage is stored in the capacitor.

5. After use, do a good job of cleaning, do a good job of moisture, and heat prevention.

The knowledge point of Blue Whale's custom automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine(2)