Knowledge | 2022-08-31

Six details that should not be overlooked when using ultrasonic cleaning equipment


When using ultrasonic cleaning equipment should pay attention to the following six points:

1, clean basket: clean basket recommended the use of stainless steel baskets, do not use plastic baskets, to prevent static electricity;

2, cleaning time: cleaning each process time is fixed at 3-5 minutes. If the surface area of cleaning objects or complex structures, according to the circumstances can be appropriate to adjust the cleaning time. If the cleaning material is easy to overlap, and adhesion, then put in the cleaning material, and take it out when shaking the workpiece, so that the cleaning agent and the workpiece full contact, to improve the cleaning effect.

3, the staff standard operation: when draining, should place the cleaning basket at 45 degrees angle in the cleaning trough edge to carry on the drainage. When lifting, do not drop the liquid from the previous tank into the next tank;

4, add liquid: the liquid can not be filled too full, to avoid multiple cleaning tanks of the liquid produced mixing;

5, the use of multi-slot: ultrasonic cleaning machine each slot should be an independent operation process, prohibiting multi-slot mixed cleaning.

6, work environment: Ultrasonic cleaning work environment should keep the air circulation, work site is strictly prohibited to introduce open fire or easy-to-produce open-fire substances. The temperature of the liquid in the cleaning tank should be controlled below 50 degrees to reduce the volatilization of the ultrasonic cleaning agent.

Six details that should not be overlooked when using ultrasonic cleaning equipment