Knowledge | 2022-07-01

How to locate parts in the ultrasonic cleaning machine


The correct location of parts in an ultrasonic cleaning machine is as important as the frequency of ultrasonic cleaning and the formulation of the ultrasonic cleaning solution. However, in these three standards, incorrect component positioning is usually the cause of unsatisfactory results or prolonged cleaning solutions.

Do not resist cavitation

In other words, do not interfere with cavitation. Cleaning is accomplished by the violent implosion of tiny bubbles of the Ultrasonic transducer in the cleaning solution. Cleaning occurs on all surfaces moistened by the solution as the sound waves travel up through the solution from the bottom of the ultrasonic cleaner tank and reflect from the surface of the solution. This suggests that it's not a good idea to put too many products in the cleaning basket because it blocks the sound reflex. So we recommend leaving 1 to 2 inches between the wall of the can and the parts in the basket.

In connection with this, efforts are made to prevent parts from touching each other in the bath. The contact area does not receive the full benefit of cavitation. If this proves impractical, reposition the part during the cleaning cycle.

Another characteristic of ultrasonic cavitation is that it occurs more efficiently on surfaces facing and near the bottom of the tank. It is always helpful to stir gently vertically during the cleaning process. In addition, you will find that the cleaning effect will be better, especially on larger parts if they are regularly replaced in the basket. Remember to do this by removing the basket from the tub or using special tools. Do not put your hand into the ultrasonic cleaning tank while it is running. Since sound waves can pass through the openings, components with many openings will be cleaned more evenly than larger solid components.

The cleaning action of small parts for batch processing is best to occur near the bottom and top of the cleaning trough, the latter due to the above-mentioned reflection. If the parts are not sensitive to scratches, we recommend considering a rotating basket. Keep in mind that small parts that rotate in liquids do not usually break. If you are not sure, run some tests and check the parts after the cleaning cycle.

Make sure the blind hole is positioned so that the surface is wet with solution. When a metal pipe is cleaned, ultrasonic waves pass through the pipe wall. The cleaning fluid must be in there. Moving the tube in and out of the cleaning solution will help, as the tube will continue to fill with fresh solution.

Key points to be considered for other parts positioning

Automotive fuel injector components are expensive and sensitive. They should be fixed in a coated basket for rotation.

The quality of the parts does not affect the cleaning effect and speed.

PCB and the optimal position of the tube are vertical. Diagonal fitting is acceptable.

Small diameter tubes may cause flushing difficulties as they may not fill up easily without the Surfactant. Flushing is effective only when the tube is full.

How to locate parts in the ultrasonic cleaning machine