Knowledge | 2022-08-16

How to clean the pipeline? Quick Way to clean the pipeline


Now the pollution problem of water pipes is more and more serious, because of the accumulation of pipeline pollution over the years, resulting in water pressure drop, or even rust or foreign matter outflow. These are the performance of the pipeline is contaminated, so how should we clean the pipeline?

In fact, cleaning a variety of pipelines is very simple, only the use of a professional ultrasonic pipeline cleaning machine can safely and quickly solve the problem of pipeline pollution, to ensure the safety of our water. We all know that nowadays most of the pipes are installed on the wall. There are many bends in the water pipe, and a lot of scale and bacteria are accumulated in the water pipe. Therefore, it is impossible to clean the water pipes by personal manpower alone. The traditional cleaning methods are chemical cleaning agents, and high-pressure water gun cleaning methods, chemical cleaning is mainly the use of chemical cleaning agents on the pipeline rust, scale, and other cleaning. Although this method can also achieve a certain cleaning effect, there is a fatal disadvantage, is that if too many chemical cleaning agents, easy to pollute the environment.

A high-pressure water gun adopts high-pressure water jet cleaning technology. The high-speed water jet is ejected from the nozzle through the supercharging device. The water jet has a high impact force and can clean and peel off dirt on the pipe wall. This method is suitable for flat inner walls, such as bending, uneven pipeline, cleaning difficult, and cleaning a large amount, easy to wastewater resources. For now, just use a professional ultrasonic cleaner to clean the pipes. The cleaning principle of ultrasonic pipe cleaner is based on the ultrasonic cavitation effect.

Ultrasonic pipe cleaners use an Ultrasonic transducer to convert sound waves into high-frequency mechanical vibrations that create numerous tiny bubbles in the liquid in the tank, these bubbles burst at high pressure and produce a shock wave to remove dirt from the inside of the pipe. The unique cleaning technology of ultrasonic pipe cleaner has the advantages of thorough cleaning, consistent cleanliness, unrestricted by pipe shape, non-damaging pipes, non-corrosion, and so on.

How to clean the pipeline? Quick Way to clean the pipeline