Knowledge | 2022-09-20

Hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil and rust


Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a metal cleaning god, widely used in the metal industry in the oil, and rust, cleaning effect is very clean. For example, a large hardware accessory manufacturer consumes 30,000 hardware accessories per day. Manual cleaning is a particularly difficult task. Not only the cleaning time is long, but also the cleaning is not thorough, especially in the gap of the dirt can not be cleaned!

The use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine can shorten the time of oil and rust removal, improve the quality of oil and rust removal, and strengthen the process of oil and rust removal. Hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine is specially designed for precision parts and complex shapes of hardware and cleaning equipment. On the surface of the metal, bearing, chain, and mold is difficult to remove the oil with obvious effect, but also will not cause damage to parts. Ultrasonic oil and rust removal is based on the principle of cavitation, ultrasonic frequency of 40KHz, that is, high-frequency ultrasound. Cleaning fluid due to the effect of the ultrasonic instant bubble. Because of the pressure, the bubble breaks up and disperses, creating a shock wave. The shock wave can wash the surface of the hardware and promote the shedding of oil stains. The effect of removing oil and rust from the ultrasonic cleaning machine is closely related to the size of the parts, the complexity of the shape, the position of the parts, the composition of oil on the surface, and whether a cleaning agent can be added.

In general, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is used to remove oil rust frequency of 40KHz. The position of the workpiece is very important, the workpiece in the cleaning groove rotation or rotation, so that the surface parts of the workpiece are vulnerable to ultrasonic radiation, to achieve a better cleaning effect. Ultrasonic cleaning machine and cleaning agent together, just like washing machine and washing powder together, the cleaning effect is greatly improved.

Hardware ultrasonic cleaning machine to remove oil and rust