Knowledge | 2022-08-11

Full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for hydraulic cylinder tube


To realize the batch cleaning of the hydraulic cylinder, and to ensure the cleanliness of the cylinder surface after cleaning to meet the assembly requirements, it is necessary to design a proper cleaning process and cleaning equipment. Considering that the cylinder is long, and the cylinder is a semi-closed structure, compared with bearings, precision motors and other small precision components do not need cleaning, such as spray, the crude cleaning of the cylinder can be directly carried out by an ultrasonic wave, and the sludge and oil on the cylinder can be dissolved in the cleaning fluid by ultrasonic cavitation, thus achieving the primary cleaning purpose, an automatic loading/unloading mechanism is used to remove the rough-cleaned part from the cleaning tank. At this time, a small amount of cleaning fluid is attached to the cylinder surface, and the dirt in the cleaning fluid will re-adhere to the surface of the workpiece, after rough cleaning, the hydraulic cylinder can be cleaned by ultrasonic wave again. This cleaning is called ultrasonic cleaning. The surface of the cylinder has reached a certain degree of cleanliness after ultrasonic cleaning, then the cleaning fluid attached to the cylinder is diluted by ultrasonic rinsing, to prevent the cylinder from rusting due to residual moisture, finally, the hot air drying device is used to dry the cylinder. So the cleaning equipment process is ultrasonic cleaning-ultrasonic cleaning-ultrasonic rinsing-ultrasonic rinsing-hot air drying.

To reduce the standing wave's influence on the cleaning effect, and to ensure the cleaning fluid has a certain degree of cleanliness in the cleaning process, the cleaning machine is also designed with a cleaning fluid circulating filtration system, to ensure that the cylinder can be cleaned in a batch, the hydraulic cylinder full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine has also designed a special cleaning basket for different types of cylinder. The automatic loading/unloading mechanism mainly includes horizontal and vertical transportation mechanisms and a cleaning basket clamping mechanism. Among them, the horizontal transportation mechanism adopts the transportation mode of the gear belt driven by the servo reducer, which can realize the accurate positioning of the motion position, and the vertical direction adopts the worm and worm rising and falling stepping motor to realize the lifting work of the cleaning basket, the cleaning basket grab adopts the method that the cylinder drives the cleaning basket hook to expand and contract. The combination of PLC and touch screen technology can realize the automation and visualization of the cleaning process.

According to the overall design requirements of the hydraulic cylinder full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, the overall structure of the program is summarized as follows:

(1) cleaning system part of the cleaning system is the most important part for ensuring the cleaning quality of the hydraulic cylinder. The cleaning system is mainly used to generate Sonication in the cleaning fluid in the cleaning tank using an ultrasonic generator, the purpose of cleaning oil stains on the cylinder is realized by ultrasonic cavitation. The cleaning solution after ultrasonic cleaning will contain dirt such as oil and iron filings that are washed off from the cylinder, to ensure the cleanliness of the cleaning fluid and prevent the oil from sticking to the surface of the workpiece again, the cleaning fluid should be filtered, then, the pollutants in the cleaning solution are filtered by the filter to ensure that the filtered cleaning solution can be purified and reused, thus saving the cost. Therefore, the cleaning system structure design work mainly includes the cleaning device selection, the cleaning tank design, the cleaning basket design, and the circulation filter system structure design.

(2) there is a little cleaning fluid and water on the part of the drying system after rough cleaning, fine cleaning, and rinsing, so it needs to be dried to prevent the part from rusting after cleaning. According to the different components of cleaning solution, there can be different drying methods, the common drying methods are steam freeze-drying, hot air drying, vacuum drying, and centrifugal dehydration drying.

(3) part of the cleaning work of the automatic loading/unloading system can not be completed without the assistance of the automatic loading/unloading system, the automatic loading/unloading system mainly assists in the following tasks: the round trip and up-down movement of the cleaning basket containing the hydraulic cylinder, and the clamping of the cleaning basket. An automatic loading/unloading system is the use of a mechanical transmission mode of operation, the common mechanical transmission mode chain, belt, gear, and worm gear transmission. Because the belt drive has the advantages of stable transmission, shock absorption, overload protection, low noise, etc., therefore, in the horizontal direction, the belt pulley is driven by a servo motor combined with a reducer to realize the transportation of the cleaning parts; In the vertical direction, the lifting belt is driven by the worm gear and worm motor to realize the transportation of cleaning parts, and the cylinder is driven by the telescopic hook to realize the grabbing and unloading of cleaning basket.

(4) the part of the control system and the safety device the display device of this system uses PLC to control the touch screen, which can realize the manual/automatic control of the cleaning process and the visual setting of the related parameters. If you can achieve manual adjustment through touch-screen technology, temperature control, time control, etc. . In addition, the equipment is also equipped with lighting, emergency stop, and other security alarm devices.

The whole ultrasonic cleaning process is as follows:

Starting the ultrasonic power supply, the ultrasonic power supply generates ultrasonic waves through the transducer in the cleaning tank and the cleaning fluid, the dirt on the surface of the cylinder in the cleaning basket is cleaned by ultrasonic cavitation and direct jet, and the cleaning fluid enters the storage tank through the overflow port on the cleaning tank, the filth in the cleaning solution is filtered by an oil skimmer located on the storage tank, and the cleaning solution after being removed is driven into the filter by a circulating filter pump. The filter can filter out impurities such as dirt and dirt in the cleaning solution, to ensure that the cleaning fluid through the oil skimmer and filter achieve the required cleanliness, the final cleaning fluid through the tank inlet to complete the cleaning fluid circulation filter, cleaning fluid re-enter the tank.

Full automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for hydraulic cylinder tube