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Factors affecting the cleaning effect of an ultrasonic washer machine and its application scope


Principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine: The high-frequency oscillating signal sent by the ultrasonic generator is transmitted to the medium through the conversion of high-frequency mechanical oscillations to the medium-cleaning solvent. The liquid flow generates tens of thousands of small bubbles with a diameter of 50-500mm, and the tiny bubbles in the liquid vibrate under the action field. These air bubbles are formed and grow in the negative pressure area of the ultrasonic vertical transmission. In the positive pressure area, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubbles increase rapidly, and then they suddenly close. And when the bubbles are closed, there are thousands of atmospheric pressures around them, destroying insoluble dirt and dispersing them in the cleaning solution. When the group particles are wrapped in oil and adhered to the surface of the cleaning piece, the oil is emulsified, the solid is solid, and the body is solid. Particles and separation, to achieve the purpose of cleaning pieces. In the process of being called the "empty" effect, the bubbles closed can form a high temperature of hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of -e -high pressure and the instantaneous high pressure of more than 1,000 air pressure, thereby achieving the purpose of cleaning the object surface.

Relevant factors affecting the effect of the ultrasonic washer machine

1. Ultrasonic strength (power density). That is the unit area sound power. The good or bad effect of ultrasonic cleaning depends on the effect of embolization, and the generation of vacuum effect is related to the ultrasonic strength. Under normal circumstances, the unit area sound power can be carried out by water solution by more than 0.3W/cm 2 (output electricity is generally greater than 1W). Within a certain range, the greater the intensity of the ultrasonic wave, the more obvious the vacuum effect, and the better the cleaning effect. However, too high power density will cause the surface to damage the surface erosion of the workpiece due to too strong the aerification effect. In addition, when the power density increases to a certain extent, saturation will occur, and the cleaning effect will decrease. The critical point of the power density that generates is still related to the frequency. The higher the frequency, the greater the power density of the vacuum. For example, when the power density critical point is about 0.3--0.4W/CM2; 26- -30kHz, the power density is 0.5--0.8W/CM2; when 30--40kHz, the power density should be selected as 1--1.2W/CM2.

2. Frequency of ultrasonic washer machine. The frequency of ultrasonic vibration has a great impact on the cleaning effect, which is because the ultrasonic frequency has a great effect on the effect of emptiness. The practice has proved that under the same power, it is easy to stimulate and empty at low frequencies. That is, the lower the frequency, the better the effect of the hollowing, but the louder the noise. Conversely, the higher the frequency, the worse the effect of the empty effect, and the smaller the noise.

3. Washing liquid temperature. The temperature of the cleaning is an important factor affecting the speed of cleaning. Properly increase the temperature of the cleaning fluid, which can increase the capacity of amortization and shorten the cleaning time. The temperature range, such as the water solution cleaning solution, is generally about 45 ° C, and the trichloride cleaning solution is about 75 ° C. The viscosity of the selected cleaning solution must be considered to choose the cleaning solution, and the surface tension must be small to facilitate the vacuum of the cleaning solution.

4. Cleaning medium: Ultrasonic cleaning is used. Generally, there are two types of cleaning agents that are chemical solvents and water-based cleaning agents. The chemical effect of the cleaning medium can accelerate the effect of ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaning is a physical effect. The two functions are combined to make full and thorough cleaning according to objects.

An ultrasonic washer machine is commonly used in our large cleaning machine industry. It has a wide range of applications, fast effects, comprehensive, and clean degree of cleaning. The main use of the machine is to use items or some jewelry such as daily life. Some jewelry, discs, glasses, combs, tea sets, hacking knives, toothbrushes, brooches, fake teeth, bracelets, pens, etc. are often used, and it is also more difficult to deal with items.

Not only can it be used frequently in daily life, but even the industry is also very helpful to help the process on a production line. Ultrasonic cleaning machines can well clean up some machines or certain small parts and have strong ultrasonic cleaning of them. A lot of production lines have been cleaned by parts and greatly improved industrial quality. Therefore, whether the ultrasonic cleaning machine is industrial or life, it has great help to us and increased our social development.

The price of ultrasonic cleaning machines does not have a clear market specification at present, so it is more chaotic. In addition, there are many specifications, parameters, and functions of this device. The price is naturally different.

Factors affecting the cleaning effect of an ultrasonic washer machine and its application scope