Knowledge | 2022-11-28

The working principle of a small ultrasonic cleaning machine


The working principle of the small ultrasonic cleaning machine is that the ultrasonic energy of the power ultrasonic source is converted into mechanical vibration by the ultrasonic sensor, and the ultrasonic wave is radiated into the cleaning fluid by the cleaning wall. Because of the radiation of ultrasonic waves, the micro-bubbles in the liquid in the tank can keep vibrating under the action of the sound wave. Destroy dirt and clean parts of the surface of the adsorption, causing fatigue damage to the dirt layer, and if rejected, the vibration of the bubble cleans the solid surface.

Therefore, through a brief description of the principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, we know that the ultrasonic cleaning machine is a physical cleaning method.

So, how to explain the cavitation effect of ultrasound?

When the ultrasonic cleaning machine works, when the liquid emits enough ultrasonic energy, the vibration of ultrasonic frequency is added to the cleaning fluid, and the inside of the liquid will be utilized and compressed. When a liquid is utilized, it creates bubbles, and when the liquid is compressed, the bubbles are compressed, and it is crushed and broken, creating the famous ultrasonic“Cavitation effect.”.

The experimental results show that the ultrasonic cleaning technology can obtain percolation steam and brush, and the cleaning effect is better, the need for containers and cleaning solutions, ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic power supply, and ultrasonic sensors are part of the ultrasonic wave, used to drive the ultrasonic wave sensor to provide power for the ultrasonic wave, therefore, the ultrasonic sensor is equivalent to the core of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment brain, its working frequency, and product quality have a decisive role in the cleaning effect.

When we understand the principle of an ultrasonic cleaning machine, we can know that ultrasonic cleaning technology is the use of ultrasonic cavitation on the surface of the dirt on the impact and stripping, to achieve the goal of cleaning. The utility model has the advantages of high cleanliness and fast cleaning speed. Especially for blind holes and various geometric objects, another cleaning can not achieve the unique cleaning effect.

The working principle of a small ultrasonic cleaning machine