Knowledge | 2022-12-07

The production of an ultrasonic cleaning machine can not do without which accessories?


1. The generator is one of the most important parts of the machine itself. The ultrasonic generator converts the power frequency electricity into a high-frequency signal above 28 kHz, which is transmitted to the transducer by cable. The Ultrasonic transducer is fixed to the bottom plate of the cleaning tank, which is filled with liquid. When the transducer is applied with a high-frequency voltage, its piezoelectric ceramic components will vibrate vertically under the action of an electric field.

The Ultrasonic transducer is an efficient transducer that converts electrical energy into a powerful ultrasonic vibration that acts as a small piston with a small amplitude, only a few microns. But this is a very large vibration acceleration (tens to thousands); the groove has many transducers, the same frequency, and phase of the application of electrical energy, the synthesis of a huge piston reciprocating vibration, this vibration phenomenon, is what we usually call ultrasound.

3. Heating and temperature control system: the heater adopts a cast aluminum heating plate, which can resist acid and alkali and has a long service life. The purpose of heating is to heat the detergent to increase the washing effect of the washing machine. The temperature is automatically controlled and can be adjusted at will within an appropriate range.

4. Cleaning tank: the cleaning tank is made of SU304 stainless steel by argon arc welding. The body of the tank is provided with a slag discharge overhauling port and heat insulating and sound insulating layer, etc.

5, tank liquid circulation filtration system: this system is provided with a filter, the tank liquid dynamic filtration, to maintain the tank liquid cleanliness. When the workpiece is out of the groove, the filtered liquid flows through the spray link on the upper part of the groove to wash the workpiece out of the groove, to avoid its pollution to the next groove fluid.

6. Transportation system: according to the shape, volume, and batch of the parts to be cleaned, determine the transportation and control mode of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The typical transportation methods are ーー catenary, mesh belt, double-chain, step, electric hoist, self-propelled hoist, Drum, turntable, gantry, manipulator, hanging basket, push plate, and so on.

7. Spray rinsing system: according to the surface condition of the workpiece, some washing machines are equipped with a spray rinsing process, which combines ultrasonic cleaning and sprays cleaning organically.

8, drying system: according to the status of the parts to be cleaned, some cleaning machines are equipped with a drying system, drying system mainly by the heater, fan, blowing nozzle, etc.

The production of an ultrasonic cleaning machine can not do without which accessories?