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The advantages and features of oil removal ultrasonic cleaning machine. What is the best temperature for cleaning?


The high-frequency oscillation signal from the ultrasonic generator is converted into high-frequency mechanical oscillation by the sensor and propagates into the medium. The ultrasonic wave in the cleaning solvent radiates intensively forward in the cleaning liquid, causing the liquid to flow, and resulting in tens of thousands of small bubbles. Small bubbles (cavitation nuclei) in a liquid vibrate under the action of an acoustic field. When the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble grows rapidly and then suddenly closes. When the bubble closes, it creates a shock wave and creates thousands of atmospheric pressures around it. High temperatures in Baidu are utilized when off-blast waves destroy insoluble dirt and disperse it in cleaning fluids. When the particles are coated by oil and adhered to the surface of the cleaning part, the oil is emulsified and the solid particles are separated, thus achieving the goal of cleaning the surface of the part.

The advantages of an oiling ultrasonic cleaner are as follows:

(1) the cleaning speed is fast, the cleaning effect is good, the cleaning degree is high, the workpiece cleanliness is consistent, does not damage the workpiece surface.

(2) safe and reliable cleaning of deep holes, small crevices, and concealed parts of workpieces without manual contact with cleaning fluid.

(3) save solvent, heat, workplace, and labor.

(4) high cleaning precision, which can be powerful in cleaning tiny stain particles.

Compared with many other cleaning methods, the oil removal ultrasonic cleaning machine has great advantages. Especially in professional and group production enterprises, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced the traditional impregnation, brushing, pressure cleaning, vibration cleaning, and steam cleaning process. The high efficiency and cleanliness of the ultrasonic cleaning machine for oil removal are due to the permeability and air shock wave produced by the sound wave propagating in the medium. Therefore, the appearance of the complex, cavity, thin empty parts is easy to clean. In the role of ultrasound, oil, rust, phosphating, and other general process can be completed in just two or three minutes, speed than the traditional method several times to dozens of times faster, and cleanliness up to high standards. In many cases where surface quality and productivity are required, it highlights the results that are difficult to achieve or irreplaceable by other processing methods.

Oil removal ultrasonic cleaning machine how many temperature cleaning effects?

In the ultrasonic cleaning process, I often hear people say why my deoiling ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect is not good. So consult us. People who have this idea are better. Some people directly say that the cleaning effect of the ultrasonic cleaning machine for removing oil is not good. They may not know much about the cleaning effect of our ultrasonic cleaning machine for removing oil, they may not grasp the correct method, understanding is not very thorough, so the cleaning effect is not good. Below I will briefly introduce the oil removal ultrasonic cleaning machine set how many temperature cleaning is the best?

The first thing to notice is that an ultrasonic cleaning machine is a machine after all. In many cases, if the operation is not appropriate, it is easy to achieve the desired cleaning effect. Whether the selected ultrasonic cleaner is suitable, whether the corresponding cleaning agent is added when cleaning oil, or whether the temperature is adjusted properly when cleaning, the effect of the ultrasonic cleaner may not meet the expected requirements.

Today, we mainly discuss the effect of heating function on ultrasonic cleaning and oil removal effect, so how much temperature can be set to achieve the best cleaning effect? At present, the stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning machine on the market has a heating function, the ultrasonic cleaning machine generally needs to adjust to the appropriate temperature to achieve the best cleaning effect.

Generally speaking, when cleaning oil, the cleaning solution needs to have a certain temperature, and the cleaning effect is better. Just as hot water washes dishes differently from unheated water. Keep the temperature at 50-60 ° C. this is the best clean temperature, mainly because of the good cavitation effect at this temperature. When detergent is added, the higher the temperature, the more obvious the effect. When ultrasonic cleaning is usually used, the operating temperature is from 50 ° C to 60 ° C. As the temperature at 50-60 degrees Celsius, most of the active enzymes are the most active, but also the most effective temperature range for the decomposition of stains. So if you need to get rid of oil, remember to choose an ultrasonic cleaner with a temperature adjustment function.

To sum up, the above is a small series of de-oiling ultrasonic cleaning machine de-oiling temperature control brief description. Hope to have ultrasonic cleaning machine de-oiling needs of your help. For more cleaning solutions, please consult our customer service staff.

The advantages and features of oil removal ultrasonic cleaning machine. What is the best temperature for cleaning?