Knowledge | 2022-12-08

How long can the ultrasonic cleaner be used continuously?


The ultrasonic cleaning machine in a long time use process will cause some parts damage and needs us to carry on the maintenance and maintenance to the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the ultrasonic cleaning machine's maintenance work needs to do in place, only then may let the ultrasonic cleaning machine better for the user's cleaning work to play the more high-energy clean effect. How long can the ultrasonic cleaner be used continuously? Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers for your analysis!

1. The continuous working time of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment shall not exceed 4 Hours

If the continuous working time is too long: turn the ultrasonic adjusting knob to the position of 0, let the cooling fan continue to work, and continue to cool in the ultrasonic control cabinet for at least 2 minutes during the ultrasonic cleaning. Not activated. For washing machines that have been running for a long time, turn the power knob to zero before turning it off, then use the fan for 3-6 minutes, and then turn it off again to ensure the heat inside the power supply.

2. Cleaning agents should be timely precipitation, filtration, or replacement to ensure that the cleaning effect

The ultrasonic generator generates a high frequency and high voltage and is transmitted to the transducer through a cable connection. The transducer and the vibrating plate produce a high-frequency resonance. The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly composed of an ultrasonic cleaning trough and an ultrasonic generator. Used in ultrasonic cleaning tanks, with an Ultrasonic transducer at the bottom made of high elastic, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, so that the solvent in the tank can be cleaned by Sonication.

Please adjust the power knob manually. Make sure the power knob is in a small place. After the power supply is connected, so as not dip the cleaning solution into the potentiometer. The high-power module of the ultrasonic cleaning machine starts frequently, which will affect the service life of the equipment.

How long can the ultrasonic cleaner be used continuously?