Knowledge | 2022-12-13

How does the ultrasonic cleaning equipment detect faults? How to repair and maintain?


The application of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is very extensive, in the use of the process, sometimes equipment failure. So, in the end how to detect the failure of the ultrasonic cleaning machine? The following points can be referred to.

1. If you use an ultrasonic cleaning machine and you find that you can't stop at a certain set position and make a mistake, check if there is anything wrong with the corresponding sensor switch of the lifting arm and if there is damage or looseness to deal with the situation.

2. There are safety devices in the upper, lower, left, and right stroke of the device. If the travel exceeds the setting, the machine will stop. At this time, you should manually reset the device and adjust the travel switch or sensor piece.

3. If the frame does not work properly, the limit switch will stop the machine and manually return the frame to the correct position.

In addition to the above points, the ultrasonic cleaning machine equipment problems there are many kinds of problems, problems must be time to find the cause and solve the problem.

How to repair and maintain an ultrasonic cleaning machine

It is forbidden to put conductive liquid (such as water) into the air inlet on the top of the ultrasonic control cabinet. Otherwise, it will seriously damage the pipeline system of the washing machine.

Second, pay attention to keeping the ultrasonic cleaning machine clean, when not in use, please turn off the power supply.

Please do not bump or violently shake the ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Keep the automatic ultrasonic cleaner away from the heat source.

Fifth, the machine should avoid a humid environment, long-term storage easily leads to equipment oxidation rust, and line moisture.

The continuous working time of the ultrasonic cleaning machine should not exceed 4 hours. If the continuous working time is too long, the adjusting knob of the ultrasonic cleaning machine should be rotated to the“0” position, and the cooling fan should continue to work under the condition that the ultrasonic cleaning does not start, the continuous heat dissipation in the ultrasonic control cabinet shall be at least 2 minutes.

The power knob should be adjusted to zero before the washing machine is shut down, and the fan should be shut down after 3-6 minutes to ensure the heat of the power supply.

After cleaning, the cleaning fluid of the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine should be precipitated, filtered, or replaced in time to ensure the cleaning effect.

How does the ultrasonic cleaning equipment detect faults? How to repair and maintain?