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Dewaxing process and working principle of dewaxing ultrasonic cleaning machine


Polishing paste, polishing soap, polishing brick, polishing stick. Important ingredients of polishing wax: natural animal waxes such as whale wax, beeswax, wool wax, carnauba wax, candelabra wax, wood wax aromatic waxes with natural esters of high-grade fatty acids and high-grade fatty alcohols as important ingredients; Kaolin manufacturers to hydrocarbon as an important component of the mineral nature of natural wax, such as liquid wax, Vaseline, wax, microcrystalline wax, wax, Ash, lignite wax; Chemical modified natural waxes, such as wool wax chemical modified derivatives, etc.

The ultrasonic cleaning machine has a unique mechanical effect and thermal effect, it has a strong ability to differentiate and dispersion dirt, it has the advantages of high cleaning speed, high efficiency, good quality, even cleaning degree, and easy automation, to reduce labor intensity, ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in the modern industrial manufacturing process, especially suitable for porous and complex shape parts of the ultrasonic wax removal needs.

Ultrasonic dewaxing is widely used for multi-hole and complex shape workpieces, also suitable for automobiles, motorcycles, locomotives, refrigeration and air conditioning, compressor, diesel engine, numerical control equipment, communication equipment, and other professional and supporting enterprises of aluminum and aluminum alloy parts, in the process of mechanical processing residual grease, grease cleaning.

According to the requirement of cleanness of polishing wax parts, the reasonable ultrasonic cleaning mode, process flow, safe operation procedure, quality control procedure, and cleaning agent replacement period are confirmed.

Dewaxing process of ultrasonic cleaning machine:

1. The polishing wax cleaning agent is added to the ultrasonic cleaning tank according to the confirmed concentration of use and mixed evenly. Will need to clean the parts into the ultrasonic cleaning basket into the ultrasonic cleaning trough, such as ultrasonic cleaning for 3 -5 minutes, rinse, rinse with pure water rinse clean, or dry.

2. The polishing wax cleaning agent according to the confirmed concentration of users to participate in the spray (ultrasonic) cleaning machine, and mix evenly. Carry out ultrasonic cleaning and spray combined cleaning (including rinsing, boring, etc.) on the parts according to the cleaning process confirmed by the test.

In addition to the wax ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

In addition to wax, an ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used in automotive, electronics, precision instruments, and other industries and has gradually become the industry's preferred cleaning equipment to remove oil. With the increasing demand for cleanliness in the industrial manufacturing industry, it will be widely used in various fields of industry and life in the future.

What is the working principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine except for wax?

In addition to wax ultrasonic cleaning machine principle and other ultrasonic cleaning equipment, also based on ultrasonic cavitation, when ultrasonic cavitation action on the cleaning liquid, the formation of numerous small bubbles, when these small bubbles, because of the increase of the pressure of the compound cleaning fluid, the bubble rupture produces a shock wave, which can separate the oil on the surface of the workpiece, in addition, the bubble rupture also produces high temperature and high pressure, which strengthens the emulsification and dissolution, and speeds up the oil removal process, finally, high-efficiency wax removal effect is achieved.

Tens of thousands of times per second of ultrasonic negative pressure expansion and positive pressure compression blasting countless holes, high-frequency produced numerous micro-shock waves so that the ultrasonic wave has a unique cleaning ability, it has complex inner and outer surface shape, slit, deep hole, corner, dead angle and so on. These are the other methods that can not be compared and replaced.

What are the advantages of an ultrasonic cleaning machine except for wax?

1. In addition to wax ultrasonic cleaning machines in modern industry more and more attention. The utility model not only has a good oil-removing effect but also can keep the cleanliness of the workpiece and greatly improve the cleaning efficiency.

2. Except wax ultrasonic cleaning machine using hydrocarbon solvent, environmental zero emissions, not polluting the environment.

3. In addition to wax ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean the concave-convex, blind holes, and another complex surfaces of the workpiece.

For deep holes, thin seams and hidden places, the use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine except wax can also achieve the ideal oil removal effect, and will not cause any damage to the cleaning workpiece.

Dewaxing process and working principle of dewaxing ultrasonic cleaning machine