Knowledge | 2023-02-11

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine in the semiconductor industry! What are the precautions when operating?


The global semiconductor industry has entered a mature period. In the next 10 years, the average annual growth rate of the semiconductor industry slowed down. Cell phones and consumer electronics will be the main driving force behind the future growth of the semiconductor industry. The future semiconductor industry will be the world of the independent semiconductor industry. Integration and mergers in the semiconductor industry will become more and more intense in the future. The future semiconductor industry technology will be more and more attention. For example, the basis of the semiconductor industry is the silicon material industry because the contaminants on the surface of the silicon wafer will seriously affect the performance, reliability, and yield of the device. With the rapid development of microelectronics technology and the improvement of people's requirements for raw materials, the impact of contaminants on devices has become more and more prominent, and cleaning technology is becoming increasingly important in the semiconductor industry.

Previously, the traditional dip, brush, pressure rinse, vibration cleaning, and steam cleaning, these cleaning methods are easy to damage the semiconductor surface, and the semiconductor process is repeated several times in the process, the cleaning effect good or bad to greater extent affects the chip process and the characteristics of the integrated circuit quality issues. In all the cleaning methods in the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine for semiconductor cleaning high efficiency, a good effect of the reason why ultrasonic cleaning can achieve such an effect is closely related to its unique working principle and cleaning method.

We know that the semiconductor shape is relatively complex, small hole, the use of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine efficiency and high cleanliness, thanks to its sound waves in the medium when propagating the penetrating and cavitation impact guilt, so it is easy to with a complex shape, cavity and fine hollow cleaning clean, in the role of ultrasound only two or three minutes to complete, its speed than the traditional method can be increased by several times, or even dozens of times, cleanliness Can also achieve high standards, improve the production efficiency of the semiconductor, more prominent with other processing methods difficult to achieve or irreplaceable results.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine in operation what are the precautions?

Suppose the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine's improper operation, will jeopardize all the normal practical operation and application of cleaning equipment, to well ensure the actual effect of the specific application of cleaning equipment, can not have over the same level of understanding, including the power of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic frequency machine temperature, and other factors, the higher the temperature of the application cleaning equipment, the more beneficial to the dissolution of stains, but when the temperature reaches a certain range, the Then it will endanger the cleaning equipment ultrasonic efficacy, reducing the actual effect of cleaning.

The longer the cleaning equipment cleaning time, the better the actual cleaning effect, in addition to materials, many factors can cause harm, such as the type of cleaning solution and stains, the application of high-powered cleaners to clean the parts that can not be cleaned, and the application of low-powered fine parts, the lower the frequency evaporation, the higher the frequency the better the actual effect, for the simple surface layer application of low frequency, for the complicated surface and deep holes, to use high-powered Cleaner to clean, because high-powered cleaners use, will emit leakage sound, and the cleaner is easy to clean.

In the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine work, as far as possible do not have to rise the temperature to avoid all normal operations, be sure to manipulate the safety factor of cleaning agents, prohibit other abnormal objects in the ultrasonic cleaning machine, should often maintain and maintenance of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, there are dirty things fall into the bottom of the tank should be immediately deleted, change or drain the cleaning solution to carry out equipment maintenance cleaning supplies in the tank at room temperature.

When the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine all normal work, should hear the ultrasonic waves and storage tank of the proportional sound, do not mix and clean liquid surfaces, only in sweeping out the air holes caused by the spill, to ensure that the prerequisites for cleaning objects clean, try not to add temperature and intermittent, work as a result of heating and long-term ultrasonic will raise the temperature in the storage tank.

Automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine in the semiconductor industry! What are the precautions when operating?