Industry News | 2022-06-23

Why does the ultrasonic cleaner attract the attention of various industries?


Since the beginning of China's reform and opening-up, facing the pressure of international and domestic competition, state leaders have been advocating the emancipation of the mind, the courage to innovate, the Green and sustainable development line, and under the correct leadership of the party, our lives have undergone tremendous changes, in the era of economic take-off, the industrial industry is also increasing, with the pace of industrial progress, some tools have become indispensable, in this complicated and changeable world, forcing many domestic enterprises to constantly innovate, technological changes, ultrasonic cleaning machine came out, with economic development and demand, has now entered thousands of households, as a new generation of“Pets”, why do ultrasonic cleaning machines get such good reviews? Here's why:

First, the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine: the main transducer, the power of the ultrasonic frequency source of sound energy, and to convert into mechanical vibration, through the cleaning tank wall so that the tank cleaning liquid radiation to the ultrasound. As a result of the ultrasonic radiation, the micro-bubbles in the liquid groove under the action of sound waves maintain vibration. When the pressure of sound pressure or intensity reaches a certain level, the bubble will expand rapidly, and then suddenly closed. During this process, the shock wave is produced at the instant of the bubble closing, which creates a pressure of 1012-1013pa and local temperature adjustment around the bubble, the pressure produced by ultrasonic cavitation can destroy the insoluble dirt and make it differentiate into solution and the direct repeated impact of steam cavitation on the dirt. On the one hand, it can destroy the adsorption between the dirt and the surface of the cleaning piece, on the other hand, it can cause fatigue destruction of the dirt layer, and be pushed away. The vibration of the gas-type bubbles can scrub the solid surface, and once the dirt layer has a crack, it can be drilled, the bubble immediately“Burrowed in” and vibrated off the dirty layer. As a result of cavitation, the two liquids quickly disperse and emulsify at the interface. When the solid particles are coated by oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning piece, the oil is emulsified and the solid particles fall off by themselves, when the ultrasonic wave propagates in the cleaning fluid, it will produce the positive and negative alternating sound pressure, form the jet, impact the cleaning part, and produce the sound flow and the micro-sound flow due to the nonlinear effect, and ultrasonic cavitation can produce high-speed micro-jet at the interface of solid and liquid, all of which can destroy the dirt, remove or weaken the boundary layer, increase the agitation and diffusion, accelerate the dissolution of soluble dirt, strengthen the cleaning effect of chemical cleaning agents. It can be seen that any liquid can be immersed and the presence of the sound field has a cleaning role, the characteristics of its suitable for the surface shape of very complex parts of the cleaning. In particular, the use of this technology can reduce the number of chemical solvents, thereby greatly reducing the environmental pollution.

Second, its product classification and fine workmanship: automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, intelligent ultrasonic cleaning machine, small ultrasonic cleaning machine, household ultrasonic cleaning machine, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine and so on can be selected according to the situation, can be used in a wide range of industries such as jewelry, electronics, medical, instrumentation, machinery, and so on, closely related to our lives and work.

Third, avoid labor injury

In the past, the complex mechanical parts that need to be hand-cleaned for a long time in a dirty environment through heavy physical labor were not only improved by the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine, but it also eliminates the harm of manual cleaning to the workpiece, reduces the labor intensity, and reduces the cleaning time to one-fourth of the original based on greatly improving the cleaning precision.

Ultrasonic cleaning can also effectively reduce pollution and reduce the damage of toxic solvents to human beings.

Its advantages and traditional hand cleaning is incomparable. It is also because of these factors that the most“Weird” ultrasonic cleaning machine is called a new generation of“Pets” is also feasible.

Why does the ultrasonic cleaner attract the attention of various industries?