Industry News | 2022-06-23

How to remove oil on hardware with an industrial ultrasonic cleaner


What is good for removing oil from hardware parts? We all know that the surface of hardware parts will leave oil stains in the production process, such as drawing oil, punching oil, cutting oil, etc. . These stains are not cleaned up, which will directly affect the use of hardware parts. The components of oil pollution on the surface of hardware parts are very complex. When we remove oil from the hardware parts, we should choose the proper way to remove oil. Today, small series to introduce the ultrasonic cleaning equipment how to clean the surface of the hardware parts of the oil.

The traditional cleaning methods include the wiping method, spraying method, and boiling method, but these cleaning methods all have more or fewer disadvantages, such as not low cleaning efficiency, not being suitable for the complex shape, and there are serious grease hardware parts. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is different, ultrasonic cleaning is mainly the use of ultrasonic in the liquid cavitation, the surface of the metal parts and quickly peeling oil emulsion, to achieve the purpose of cleaning oil. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment with strong direction, high frequency, and strong penetration, is especially suitable for cleaning complex shapes, there are holes, blind holes, narrow gaps, and surface oil removal requirements of hardware parts. Therefore, ultrasonic cleaning equipment has become the most effective way of hardware parts cleaning.

What is good for removing oil from hardware parts? Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is enough. It is easy to fix the industrial oil stains on the surface of hardware parts, solve the oil stain cleaning troubles, and make use of the cavitation effect of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the utility model can improve the oil removal effect and reduce the use amount of oil removal agent. So the metal parts attached to the oil do not fear, ultrasonic cleaning equipment to help, with the development of ultrasonic oil removal technology, ultrasonic oil removal in cleaning hardware parts will be a more common application.

How to remove oil on hardware with an industrial ultrasonic cleaner