Vacuum low temperature distillation concentration waste liquid treatment system

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment/Vacuum Evaporators

Product Features:

Easy to operate:

1. Low-temperature vacuum distillation mode, equipment energy consumption is small.

2. Fully automatic computer monitoring, automatic reservation time running unattended valley.

Small footprint:

1. Small footprint, compact equipment.

2. No need for infrastructure or other infrastructure.

3. The piping system is simple and easy to install.

4. Easy to transport, compact structure.

Low running costs:

1. The energy consumption of heat pump balancing unit and vacuum system is low.

2. Automatic intelligence, no control, no supplies.

3. Distillation Chamber and pipeline fluid are all PP corrosion-resistant without frequent replacement.

Stable water quality: ordinary distilled water, after membrane filtration for reuse.

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Product Details:
The blue whale vacuum low temperature distillation and concentration waste liquid processing system is a set of automatic control vacuum low temperature distillation and concentration waste liquid processing device, including heat pump chiller, vacuum system, high pressure circulating pump, automatic liquid discharge pump, pneumatic control valve, condenser, heat exchanger, evaporator, cold water storage room and pipeline system and automatic program control unit. Through the vacuum system to reduce the boiling point of waste water distillation, to achieve rapid distillation.


1, security filter: Equipment Inlet configuration security filter, the main removal of large particles, metal particles, waste liquid surface visible impurities, surface oil, etc. , to prevent impurities in the wastewater will be system pumps, pneumatic valves caused by loss.

2, distillation system: concentration waste liquid through equipment vacuum control automatic into the distillation chamber, distillation chamber using polypropylene PP welding processing, with strong acid and alkali corrosion resistance function, long service life. The distillation chamber is equipped with a circulation pipeline system, an external visual viewing window and a liquid level control system. The distillation chamber operates in a vacuum environment, a condenser is arranged on the top of the distillation chamber to condense the distilled regenerated steam to a cold water temporary storage tank

3. Vacuum system: the system is equipped with a vacuum system to carry out low temperature distillation technology. The high performance vacuum jet device developed by our company is used to generate a vacuum in the evaporation chamber through a circulation system, the vacuum value is stable above-0.9 MPA for a long time. In the empty environment, the boiling point of the material is reduced, which is beneficial to the separation of the material, the probability of polymer decomposition and coincidence is reduced, and can be treated at low temperature. At the same time, in the vacuum distillation process, the matter is easy to be heated, the heat preservation is simple, the heat loss is reduced, the equipment energy consumption is small, the oxygen in the air, the water vapor and so on composition influence is reduced, the volatility big matter is easier to separate.

The blue whale vacuum low temperature distillation and concentration waste liquid processing system, can be applied to: cleaning oily wastewater, cutting waste liquid, grinding waste water, bleaching and dyeing waste water, spray paint recycling waste water, oxidation/anodizing/electroplating waste water, daily cosmetics waste water, high concentration and high COD waste water, chemical waste water, PCB circuit board waste water and other Industrial wastewater treatment.
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