Industrial waste water treatment plant

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Equipment/Vacuum Evaporators

Product Features:

simple and convenient operation:

1, fully automatic operation, no long-term supervision staff.

2. Automation of cleaning and maintenance to avoid ideological interference. Small area:

1, pretreatment slot small area, do not need the middle slot.

2. Small footprint, compact host space.

3. Simple plumbing.

4. Retrofit with existing equipment at no additional cost.

Operation Cost:

1, the cleaning agent dosage is little, the cost is low.

2. No consumables, 10,000 hours of core purge life.

3, the total installed power is small, low energy consumption.

4, simple system, low maintenance and management costs.

The quality of effluent is stable:

1. Physical filtration function ensures the quality of effluent is stable.

2. The system is simple and the probability of problems is low.

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Product Details:

Blue whale industrial waste water treatment plant is designed for grinding/oily/ultrasonic waste water treatment plant, the wastewater was treated by NP nano-plane membrane, UF high flux tubular membrane, RO grade reverse osmosis membrane and MD multi-layer disc membrane.

 NP nano-flat membrane: nano-flat membrane close to the nanofiltration between the membrane pore size of up to 0.006 um.

A membrane separation technique that enables solution evolution, separation, and concentration. The surface of the nano-flat membrane is a special coating, which is neutral or negative, anti-pollution and hydrophilic.

UF high-flux tubular membrane: the adsense tubular membrane module is 1”, 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”specifications, the length can be from 1 to 4 meters, but also according to user or engineering requirements of special customization, adsense UF high-flux tubular membrane is widely used in electronic hardware oil cleaning wastewater, surface treatment of electroplating wastewater, grinding and polishing wastewater, garbage permeate, coking wastewater and other high-concentration industrial wastewater treatment before entering the reverse osmosis system, the best barrier. RO grade reverse osmosis filter membrane: adopt imported anti-fouling reverse osmosis filter membrane. All of the ions, only let water through the membrane, the rejection rate of NACI is above 98% , the effluent water is non-ionic water.

Reverse osmosis can remove soluble metal salts, organic matter, bacteria, colloidal particles, heating materials, but also can retain all the ions, in the production of pure water, softened water, non-ionic water, product concentration, waste water treatment, reverse osmosis membrane has been widely used.

Blue whale industrial waste water treatment plant, can be applied to: cleaning oily wastewater, cutting waste liquid, grinding waste water, bleaching and dyeing waste water, spray paint recycling waste water, oxidation/anodizing/electroplating waste water, daily cosmetics waste water, high concentration and high COD waste water, chemical waste water, PCB circuit board waste water and other Industrial wastewater treatment.
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