Blue Whale Z series-table-top digital time-adjustable temperature ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Bench Top Ultrasonic Cleaner

Product Features:

1, product design beautiful, simple atmosphere, equipment material using high-quality stainless steel, anti-corrosion; cleaning tank one-time stamping molding, no welding points, waterproof performance;

2, standard Ultrasonic transducer power 60W/unit, high ultrasonic power conversion efficiency, high cleaning speed, more efficient and clean than the traditional cleaning method;

3, 0-80 °C self-regulation temperature control, digital control, LED digital display, 1-30 minutes free control, to meet your different cleaning needs;

4, 6L and above with drainage valve, drainage, easy maintenance;

5, luxury 5-piece set, distribution of drainage pipes, raw material belt, adapter, stainless steel clamps, acoustic caps.

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Product Details:

Blue whale table type digital timing and temperature adjustment ultrasonic cleaning instrument, can heat and control the temperature independently, the operation is simple, the display is clear; circuit and device matching precision, so that the cleaning machine work power conversion high, low reactive power loss, greatly improve the cleanliness of cleaning, to meet the needs of various industries, such as laboratory ultrasonic cleaning.

Blue Whale Z series-table-top digital time-adjustable temperature ultrasonic cleaning equipment
产品型号 显示屏 温控 内胆尺寸(MM) 容量 换能器 超声波功率 时间控制 加热功率
Z-S008 数显 常温-80 150*85*65MM 0.8L 1枚 50W 18时段可调 /
数显 常温-80 150*85*65MM 1.3L 1枚 80W 18时段可调 100W
Z-S01 数显 常温-80 150*135*100MM
2L 1枚 80W 1-30M 100W
Z-S02 数显 常温-80 240*135*100MM
3.2L 2枚 120W 1-30M 100W
Z-S03 数显 常温-80 300*150*100MM 4.5L 3枚 180W 1-30M 200W
Z-S031 数显 常温-80 300*150*150MM 6.5L 3枚 180W 1-30M 200W
Z-S04 数显 常温-80 300*240*150MM
4枚 240W 1-30M 200W
Z-S05 数显 常温-80 300*240*200MM 14.5L 5枚 300W 1-30M 200W
Z-S06 数显 常温-80 330*300*150MM
15L 6枚 360W 1-30M 300W
Z-S07 数显 常温-80 330*300*200MM 19.5L 7枚 420W 1-30M 300W
Z-S08 数显 常温-80 500*300*150MM 22.5L 8枚 480W 1-30M 500W
Z-S010 数显 常温-80 500*300*200MM 30L 10枚 600W 1-30M 500W

Blue Whale desktop digital time-regulated Z series ultrasonic cleaning machine, mainly used in mechanical, electronic, jewelry, optical, pharmaceutical, coating, auto maintenance and vacuum coating pre-treatment and other related categories. For parts with complex surface shapes, such as grooves, slits, blind holes and deep holes on parts, it has an efficient and rapid cleaning effect. At the same time, it can clean off the oil, rust and oxide on the surface of the parts, and realize one-stop cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.
Before Purchase:

1、Determine the model
You can choose model through consultation. You can also understand the specifications and parameters and choose the model through the website. Our company can customize according to customer requirements. Welcome to the factory for inspection.

You can use telephone, online chat, messages, e-mail and other ways to get price and delivery term from sales manager.

3、Sign the contract
With product details and payment methods.

Payment will be made in accordance with the terms of the contract. Timely delivery will be arranged after payment.

When you receoved the machine, please check whether the outer packaging and goods are damaged. Also check the product model and quantity, as well as accessories. If the above happens, please take photos and contact with the sales staff.

6、After-sales service
1. Provide door-to-door installation and commissioning, technical personnel free guidance training;
2. After receiving feedback, we will give you response within 12 hours. We will come back to you with the solution within 36 hours;
3. We promise warranty for 18 months and provide to life-long maintenance. So you don’t need to worry about the after sales.