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What factors affect the price of ultrasonic cleaning machines? Price and cost analysis of ultrasonic cleaning machine


Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is one of the common cleaning equipment used, and there are thousands of models of ultrasonic cleaning machines on the market, which have a variety of functions, appearances, and prices. So What's a good price? How can I buy a reasonable price for their ultrasonic cleaning machine? With such a problem, then let us know about the impact of ultrasonic cleaning machine price factors.

We should keep a correct attitude towards any kind of goods, that is to say, we only buy the right goods, neither expensive nor cheap. The correct thing is that you want to buy what kind of goods, must first confirm clearly. Otherwise, if you buy the wrong product, even if the product is good, also useless. Take the ultrasonic cleaner, for example. Why did you buy this? And the answer, without exception, is to clean it. But you know the ultrasonic cleaning machine has many functions, do you need these functions? For example, the heating function. If the use of alcohol, detergent, and other flammable liquid as cleaning fluids, does not need a heating function, heating will bring danger, this cleaning fluid usually does not need heating to improve the cleaning effect. The following are the price determinants of ultrasonic cleaning machines:

Five factors determine the price of ultrasonic cleaning equipment:

1. Brand cost with the development of the ultrasonic cleaning industry, many brands will emerge every year, and some of the old ultrasonic cleaning machines have unique characteristics, in the shape and internal structure that will be integrated into the brand process, making the ultrasonic cleaning machine can highlight the brand culture and brand characteristics because each brand manufacturers are after many times dedicated research, exploration, testing, overturning and reappearance of the unique process, so the brand process to a certain extent will affect the price of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

2. Material cost a standard ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of an ultrasonic acoustic generator, a circuit board, a vibrator, a stainless steel flushing tank, and a stainless steel housing, of which the vibrator is the core component, the internal main body and parts of the ultrasonic cleaning machine are the important factors that make the cleaning function play, and also the guarantee of the quality of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, the price difference between high-quality internal bodies and components and low-quality cleaning machines in the cost of scientific research and manufacturing is relatively large, the quality of vibrator and generator is an important factor to determine the overall quality of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

3. The configuration cost function different price is different, the different function configurations will have a price difference, even the world differently. For example, people with heating are more expensive than those without heating, and people with CNC memory are more expensive than those with a mechanical memory. This is especially true for non-standard customizers.

4. The cost of production is now higher and higher labor costs. Not only that, with the increasingly strict management of environmental protection, safety, industry, and commerce tax, enterprises are spending more and more on production and operation.

5. The service and after-sale cost good pre-sale service can obtain the good product, but the good after-sale service can obtain a better product experience, to safeguard the demand customer's consumer rights and interests, so the service content and warranty content is also a valuable factor for customers who want to buy ultrasonic cleaning machine, so the service content and warranty content for the price of ultrasonic cleaning machine will also have some impact.

What factors affect the price of ultrasonic cleaning machines? Price and cost analysis of ultrasonic cleaning machine