Knowledge | 2022-08-24

How to clean the hardware chain with ultrasonic cleaning machine


In our hardware parts, there is a very heavy very complex workpiece, such as bearings, gears, gaskets, chains, and so on, in which the degree of complexity of the chain is first. The chain, on the other hand, acts as a central nervous system transport for the machine. No chain or chain failure can cause mechanical paralysis, so its maintenance is very important. At present, the effective method of cleaning the hardware chain is to use an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Traditional hardware cleaning chain method

Hot Soapy Water, hand sanitizer, a discarded toothbrush, or a harder brush can also be used. And need to dry after cleaning, otherwise, it will rust.

2, special chain cleaning agent, generally imported products, cleaning effect is good, lubrication effect is good, but the price is more expensive.

3. Metal powder, find a larger container, use a spoon with boiling water, and remove the chain into the water with a hard brush to clean.

Advantages: can clean the oil stains on the chain, and the workpiece is safer. The disadvantages of traditional cleaning methods: because of the use of water cleaning links, chain cleaning must be wiped or dried. Time-consuming, time-consuming, and laborious. In addition, direct contact with cleaning fluid will hurt the hand and irritate it. Compared with the ultrasonic cleaning method of cleaning metal chains, the traditional cleaning method of the metal chain is relatively backward.

The advantage of an ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning metal chain is an effective way to clean the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning. It uses an Ultrasonic transducer to convert electrical currents into ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic wave is evenly spread in the cleaning trough. Under the action of the cleaning fluid medium, tens of thousands of vacuum bubbles are produced instantly. With the change of pressure, the bubble gradually increases until it bursts. This is the so-called ultrasonic cavitation effect. Burst bubbles produce instant energy, acting on the surface of the chain stains so that it is destroyed, decomposition, and spalling, to achieve a clean effect. Some industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine also has drying and filtering cycle function, and can be automated cleaning. Not only can save resources but also can protect the cleaning materials do not rust. Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning screws, chains, and other hardware parts of the best choice.

How to clean the hardware chain with ultrasonic cleaning machine