Knowledge | 2022-05-09

Environmental ultrasonic baths-Guangdong blue whale brand


The ancients said that they were separated by the mountain, which was strange for some people who did not know the ultrasonic baths. Today, we know the ultrasonic baths as a non -professionals.

All areas of our lives can reflect its existence and demand for it. If you use it to clean the objects, you can easily get them. Compared to the traditional cleaning machine, there is a unique place:

1. Clean objects evenly no matter how complex their shape. It does not cause wear and corrosion. In a certain area, it also has the effect of disinfection, sterilization, and so on,

2, it can be widely used: in electronics, electrical industrial machinery parts, watch machinery, automobile industry, aviation industry, medical industry, chemical fiber, plastic, metal products, and other industries.

3, the ultrasonic baths have the advantages of high automation, simple operation, and manual work only needs to be put into the workpiece continuously;

4. It has a long production cycle. This is a relatively sophisticated instrument that integrates the automation of cleaning and drying.

5, the ultrasonic baths may choose the disposition and the cleaning craft according to the part cleanness request;

6. High cleaning efficiency, continuous transfer (large automatic ultrasonic baths) suitable for mass production parts;

7, its utilization efficiency is high. It can make the cleaning objects repeatedly saving corporate costs.

8. Environmental protection water washing type. Waste liquid emissions can meet the national second category emission standards;

Environmental ultrasonic baths-Guangdong blue whale brand