Knowledge | 2022-06-16

Breakthrough and application of automotive single tank ultrasound cleaning machine


With the rapid development of the industry, industrial enterprises are facing the pressure of internal and external competition. For example, the rapid development of the automotive industry has become our daily important means of transportation.

The development of automobiles also corresponds to the development of related industries, such as glass factories, tire factories, and steel plants.

When it comes to auto repair, car cleaning, and has become the most popular cleaning technology for many auto companies. What is cleaning technology? I will not sell lawsuits here. It is a single groove ultrasonic cleaning machine. Then, I will introduce it in detail.

Single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machines generally use a single-phase 220V power supply, which can be used for cleaning operations in various industries. The electric heating system can be installed, and the timing cleaning device can be set. The application is wide and the cost is low.

The principle of a single groove ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly through the converter to convert the sound of the power ultrasonic frequency source into a mechanical vibration, and the cleaning solution that radiates the ultrasound to the slot by the cleaning slot wall. Due to the radiation of ultrasonic waves, the micro-bubbles in the liquid in the groove can be vibrated under the action of sound waves.

It is mainly suitable for electronics, machinery, automobiles, electroplating, chemical fiber, optics, cleaning line boards, magnetic cores, oil mouths, automotive parts, automotive repair, electroplating hardware tools, chemical fiber spray boards, optical lenses, bearing, tools, tableware, medical care Equipment, precision hardware, watch parts, gold and silver accessories, electronic components, etc.

Because there is only one cleaning tank for single-groove ultrasonic cleaning equipment, it is named. If there are more than two clean tanks, it is called a multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine or a fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Don't look at it, but the cleaning effect is obvious. It is invisible, which brings a lot of comprehensive results to society and consumers.

For example, for enterprises, it can be well reduced to save cleaning costs, personnel lesions, artificial venues, etc. The use of single-groove ultrasonic cleaning machines for cleaning can reduce product damage and reduce waste emissions, increase the production of the product The life of quality and use can also be trusted by consumers.

For society, the promotion and application of ultrasonic cleaning machines have completely changed the cleaning method of automobile maintenance industry components, saved valuable oil resources, reduced waste oil emissions, improved maintenance efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and achieved well. Social benefits.

For consumers, you can buy your car safely and rest assured.

Then, the comprehensive benefits brought about: bring economic and social benefits while reducing the labor intensity of workers, improving the dirty and messy working environment, and eliminating the flammable and explosive safety hazards in the process of gasoline cleaning operations. It is a major change in the cleaning process of the automotive maintenance industry.

Of course, the cleaning equipment can customize the size of the single slot according to different industries, so that the ability to clean the cleaning to the maximum. Non-standard customized ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers largely reduce the volume of large ultrasonic cleaning machines and retain strong cleaning capabilities, and it is also a major innovation of single-groove ultrasonic cleaning machines.

Breakthrough and application of automotive single tank ultrasound cleaning machine